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How My Case Differs from Typical Mind Control and Ritual Abuse:

My mind control case is not as sensational as those of Cathy OBrien or Brice Taylor, because my situation is much more covert, is is therefore more sinister, since I cannot point to the actual perpetrators of the crime against me, that started when I was born.

Much of my mind control programming has been done via implants at each ear, the size of RFIDs, Which are suspiciously located exactly where the external part of a cochlear implant would be (although mine go through the cartilage and are under the skin), possibly linking directly into my Implant with circle to indicate locationbrain, which allows the perpetraitors (misspelled on purpose to denote that these people are indeed traitors to their own country because they are violating innocent human beings from birth and well into adulthood, possibly for one’s entire life), to do their evil, unseen by me, so I cannot point to specific persons to accuse.


I cannot blame the adoption agency, Catholic Charities, directly, because I can no longer find the article where I saw that they were indicted for child trafficking, although I did see it in a news story on television. Since I cannot back up the claim with any proof, I cannot make the claim.

I recently received a link from a kind reader, showing me how the Catholic church in Spain was involved in trafficking over 300,000 babies, telling their mothers their babies had died at birth:

“300,000 babies stolen from their parents – and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain”


It’s a sick thing going on in the catholic church. If they’ve been doing it over in Spain, is it any stretch to think they might have done it to me and sold me into a mind control program, putting implants in my head as a baby during the first 6 weeks of my life, when I was in the agency’s custody?

That being said, most people who have done any research on children who are used in experiments are frequently from orphanages. It also must be noted that many targeted individuals that I know are adopted or were in foster homes.


In case you doubt the possibility of me being implanted, please see this: http://www.skewsme.com/implants.html

Satanic Ritual Abuse is a well-known phenomenon, yet most people I speak to about it won’t recognize that it might have happened to me, in combination with mind control.

I am constantly being threatened by these voices to be thrown in jail, framed for something I haven’t done. My answer to those who are using these implants not only for telemetry, but also for broadcasting, is that if I ever end up in front of detectives or a judge, I will tell these people that I have these implants, and that those who did it, or those who are subordinates of those who did it, are interested in me being put away so I cannot talk about what has been done to me during my lifetime. Mind Control, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the Occult go hand in hand. Knowing that the Constitution seems to no longer safeguard the public from these situations, I urge the reader to examine the following in relation to my implants (given that when they were implanted, in my infancy or early childhood, the Constitution was supposed to have protected me from such a violation):


Implant on left side with circle to indicate location

cochlear_implantOne way in which my mind control programming differs from the type discussed in the Springmeier/Wheeler book called, “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave”, which can be found online, is that my programming was done by my own adoptive parents, so that it just looks like bad parenting by a narcissist mother. The implants make it more insidious because I cannot point directly to some evil mind like Dr. Cameron or Dr. Mengele and sue them, since they were probably implanted in my head when I was a baby, so I would not retain a memory of the procedure, nor remember the pain from it. Since I was in the agency’s custody for the first six weeks of my life, this seems to be the most likely time when it would’ve happened. My programming was more subtle, and less proveable than mind control victims like Cathy O’Brien or Brice Taylor, except for the implants, which I have so far been unable to get looked at by a professional.

The fact that I was denied disability, despite the fact that I have a history of mental issues, such as a suicide attempt at 17y/o, a record of drug abuse (which is common for people suffering from mental issues related to mind control, ritual abuse and/or neglect), records of visits to various psychiatrists and psychologists throughout my lifetime, including three baker acts, tells me that the judge who did my hearing is indeed crooked, or at least terribly misinformed. I have been made disabled on purpose, with neglect, mental abuse, mind control, and satanic ritual abuse. Now I am targeted as if I am being punished for the way I have been set up in the first place.

Despite my emotional problems related to abuse, up until 4 years ago, I always worked my butt off for every dime I ever earned.  That all changed when I began to remember some of the things that happened to me. I became the target for what is now being called “no-touch torture” or electronic harassment. It is well-known in psychological studies that traumatic memories of ritual abuse and mind control often come out in one’s forties. I began to hear voices in my forties, accompanied by memories of abuse, and that is when my life fell apart. Whether diagnosed for PTSD, or for schizophrenia (which seems to be one of the aims of mind control practices- to discredit the victim), either way, they are diagnoses worthy of disability, to say the least, and possibly a criminal investigation to exactly what happened to me. This last note is with the idea in mind that I have implants for crying out loud! Of course, I was denied disability by a judge, who ought to lose her job.

Unfortunately, when I research mind control and ritual abuse, I find that most doctors and law enforcement are a part of this network of destroying lives.

When I began to have memories of certain incidents come back to me, such as an instance of my mother leaving me alone crying in the crib for hours, telling me to “eat shit and die”, or her blowing cigarette smoke in my face (she smoked 3 packs a day), or my uncle blaming me for my Aunt’s heart attack, or being wrapped in a blanket and tossed down the stairs by my brother, to come out of the blanket and find both my parents laughing and pointing their fingers at me, that is when my character was assassinated, I lost my job writing articles, and my whole life commenced falling apart. It seems like I was intentionally discredited, so that I would not be able to get any real help for my situation.

Among people I have spoken with regarding the implants, there seems to be some disagreements as to what these things in my head (through which I hear voices and feel buzzing sensations) are. I have had one person say they are “cutaneous horns”, which I have looked up, and what I have are subcutaneous, so that couldn’t be it. When I did a search for “subcutaneous horns”, I found only photos of “cutaneous horns”. I had a psychologist try to tell me they are keloids, which they obviously are not, since keloids are on the skin, not under it, and since what I have looks nothing like keloids. By the way, from what I understand, people with keloids do not hear things through them, nor do they feel vibrations through them, and people with cutaneous horns have not mentioned that they hear or feel anything through them either. One other thing of note, regarding my implants, is the fact that if I put my finger in the top part of my ear, on the other side of where the implant is, I can feel a nub there. So the things in my ears are oval shaped, and both ends of them can be felt. This means they go through the cartilage of my ears.

To these people who do not believe me, why doesn’t one of them, or all of them combined, help me get one of these implants taken out of my head, to RFIDRiceFingersComparisondetermine what they really are? Then we could see the truth of the matter. I mean, they ARE the size of RFID tags. Perhaps I haven’t been able to get any help because they do not want the truth to get out. I am forced to assume this, given the circumstances of my character assassination, the loss of my job, the fact that all of my friends and neighbors have been convinced to ignore me.

One example of how my situation clearly looks like a mind control case is that the mirrors used in my programming were everywhere within the home I lived in for the 2nd half of my childhood. There was a mirrored coffee table, mirrored wallpaper, a mirrored pedestal for chrome art, mirrored dressers, mirrored closet doors, mirrored end tables, mirrored switch plates, mirrored cotton ball dispensers, and mirrored art on the walls. Using mirrors is a well-known method of mind control cited in the Springmeier/Wheeler book. Another example is that I had the classic near-drowning at the age of 3, which is common to ritual abuse survivors.

The RFID tags would have been enough, and they have probably been using them my whole life to mess with my head, possibly while I slept. Yet, no one wants to believe it’s possible that this could be happening to me, even though when I was born, in the late 60s, programs of mind control were more than established. Dr. Jose Delgado was able to stop an implanted, charging bull with a remote control in 1963. http://www.wireheading.com/delgado/brainchips.pdf

I had a surgery for cervical dysplasia in 2004, under a general anesthetic. I have had a flashback of something horrible and unthinkable that happened to me during that procedure. It is a flashback because I can see the masked doctor and my mother, I can hear the whirring instrument, I can hear my mother’s voice, and I can hear my own screams while I am being mutilated. I have had a psychologist say to me, “I know you like to tell stories”. To her, I can only hope that one day, she goes through something like this and no one believes her. As a result of this procedure, I now have a condition called vulvodynia, which usually results from trauma to the area. Of course, I have been so far, unable to get it treated. This procedure is most likely why I became afraid of lawn mowers in 2008.

It is my sincere hope that I will be able to find an honorable doctor and/or attorney to help me with my situation. I may not be able to point the finger at any one person and sue them (unles it is the adoption agency that sold me into this horrible experiment), but perhaps I could at least get some decent treatment for my issues, so I can go back to work and lead a normal life.

Some people who read this may assume that I am just trying to get attention. This is false. I am trying to raise a kid while these implants are delivering very malicious messages into my mind. It is a very difficult situation I find myself in. I never dreamed that I was a mind control victim, and I certainly do not wish to be. The only attention I am trying to get is that of an honrable doctor or attorney to help me get one removed so I can get a serial number from it and track down the manufacturer.

It is my fear that I was sold into slavery via this Catholic adoption, just to be implanted at birth, so I could be the subject of this horrible, evil mind control, via these implants, so that I could be made a ritual sacrifice for these evil creatures that should get eaten by their own kind for what they’ve done.

For background info, please see “Here We Are in 2012, and I’m Still Alive” at the following link:


“I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is … to tell the truth.”

                                                                                                    -Howard Zinn (Marx in Soho)


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  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here different web address and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to going over your web page for a second time.

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  3. Perps might be called Illuminati in US, I found that in some countries they are called simply “Psychiatrist”, not in a classic type of way as a trained doctors, but are regruted in a every parts of life, for example they wont let you became a doctor if you are not one of them, or policeman… That is how they differentiate who is a candidate for MC experiments and who is not, who is the “slave” and who is the “master”. FOr example, if you are not them (they pass this right thruu bloodline and eventualy they will be only ones left in the World) and you simply change your name or get a wrrong kind of tattoo you can end up in MC programm, experimented on, gangstalked, perhaps diagnosed with paronoid schizofrenia – cuver up for those crimes. They are actors, they are most of the mental patients and regruted from every type occupations. They get sick tattos, they make sick horror movies and books, songs, they can change their name in something like Marilyn Mason, they just don’t let anyone else to try that. If they do they get screwed with MC gadgets (or they are simply born in a familly which is targeted). They are on the constant lookup for prospects. They control media so this doesn’t become publically available. PROPAGANDA AND LIES ARE THEY GAME.

    The Police in every country has a record of everyone born in that country, and if they see that someone tries to pull something unusual then they check your record and if you don’t belong you might get screwed. If you do belong it makes it ok. For example you would like to become a singer (or actor) and think you will become famous and think I have to change my name like famous singers or actors. Well, it’s OK if you are THEM, if you are not… that is how they differentiate. Or, ever seen some guy how looks like a freak, acts like a freak or have a sick tattoo (666 or something) and you think to yourself
    how come I am targeted with this and this guy get’s to do what he does? It’s in the police records (that is why only them have access), if it says that that you are “Psychiatrist”or Illuminati or whatever they are called in your country that makes it OK, if you are not…

    O, Pornstars – its all them, you might get screwed for just a watching too much porn or something sick they produce.

    • Well… “they” are killing me and dont give a damn that I have a kid to raise. “They” are evil, yet God has allowed them to proliferate & control those around me. “They” have even turned my own kid against me. Any adivce?

      • Hi,

        I am not sure that I am in a position to give you an advice which might be accurate, but I’ve found that they sometimes target the whole families simply because they don’t belong. Try to stay calm and friendly to everyone no metter how they are harrasing you, it is a Psych game, try to reframe it, try to make friends with them, I know it’s tough but… They run the World – that is the fact.

        They say: only – only –
        only the fittest of the fittest shall survive –
        Stay alive! Eh!

        Bob Marley (One of the biggest in their rank and a GOOD guy)

        In my case V2S got so bad 10 years ago that I had to seek Psychiatric help, Yes I got the Paranoid Schizofrenia diagnose, and they gave me drugs but I managed to stay alive. I am almost 40 now and still have a job. So it can be done, keep the faith.

        Also, I go to the sauna, smoke cigars (fat ones) and drink a glass or two of red wine every day (never get drunk). Also, I have found that tattoo-s have much of importance in their world, so I was in a slump and desperate and got a YIN-YANG tattoo on my hand wrist as an ultimate symbol of duality and moral and ethics. Very powerfull.

        I am not advising you to do the same, it has to be your desision. Also I strongly believe that I have some sort of battery in my chest (above the heart area) (see “Deep brain stimulation”) and I am going to get another tatto (somethin positive and with protective meaning, probbably the eye of the horus – and no, it is not a satanic symbol but symbol of protection and medical meaning in encient Egypt). I think that they have to change the batteries every couple of years, with the tattoo I might see it cause they’ll have to cut it.

        Again, I am not telling you should do the same, you have to think about it and deside for yourself.

        My harrasment lowered for some reason and I am not sure is it because I was first implanted 30 years ago as a 10 years old kid but they didn’t harras me with V2S until I was 31 so I was practically unaware that I was being watched until then.

        Take care.

      • Thanx for the advice, & thanx for reading. I think that, since I have never noticed pain in the areas up by the ear, where the implants are, they were most likely inplanted when I was a newborn, in custody of Catholic Charities (adoption agency), for the 1st 6 weeks of my life. I cannot help but think that these implants have been used to subliminally influence me, possibly during my sleep, up until the point when they wanted to become overt. Now they harass me nonstop with threats.
        They try to blame me for everything that went wrong in my life, but the moment they put implants in my head, they pretty much absolved me of any guilt. I am just grateful that I KNOW they are there, when many people going through this probably aren’t aware if they have implants, & are still blaming themselves for everything.
        I also wake up sometimes to the sensation of my heart & root chakras vibrating, & then some times my whole body is vibrating. I feel like they are trying to vibrate me apart.
        I feel that they have been manipulating me my entire life, causing me to mentally drained & depressed. I was in a state of self-loathing for much of my childhood & young adulthood. Now I know it wasn’t ALL my parents’ fault. God only knows what kind of messages they were sending to me in my sleep!
        Many people don’t believe I have implants in my ears, but I think the photos pretty much prove it.

        If you get a chance, here is a really short read (“fiction”):

        Please spread it (& the above story) around, if you could. I need a good doctor or lawyer.

      • I agree with Tome. Don’t react to them by showing any resentment or anger. In fact, give them a puzzled look when they attempt to needle you.This works extremely well especially when they are training another bastard like themselves via playing with you. If you have the discipline and show no reaction, that alone will drastically decrease harassment against you; they will move on to greener pasteurs. After over twenty years as a target, I learned the hard way becaue I almost had a divorce, and I lost friends. By showing no reaction, they pretty much left me alone.

        Now I wasn’t satisfied with ‘pretty much left me alone’ so I adopted an attitude of not giving a sh_t and doing anything to them. In January of 2010 I went public handing out flyers to thousands of strangers, and I spoke to churches, too. In the flyers and the talks I gave, not only did I tell them what the gov’t was doing to me, but why they were doing it.

        After January, 2010 I was never bothered again.

      • brady bl y said:

        Same things ive been through. My doctor and therapists know its Scientologist technology and ritual abuse. B Get an MRI the technology shows up as “carbon deposits” in the cerebellum. Both my MRI show ear wires and the tech in cerebellum. RHIC-EDOM.

    • Could you take a look at this short piece of “fiction” I wrote?


      Thanx so much for the link to that video you sent.

      • have you ever thought about contacting Dr. Oz? He seems like a down to earth dr. who wouldnt mind telling you the truth and possibly finding you help.

      • I could try that… who knows… but considering that regular doctors are afraid of losing their licenses by removing (possibly) government sponsored implants, it might be a wash. I have heard from others in the community that this is why doctors frequently call patients crazy who talk about having implants. To me, though, the photo are proof. They are easily seen with the naked eye, and felt to the touch. I can even feel the other side of them (inside my ear). It is rounded, just like an RFID.

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  5. Sounds like you are an abductee. You may think that sounds strange but I know what it feels like to be targeted those “things” that fuck with your head and work through your psyche.

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  7. Tawny Sunshine said:

    You know, this is really interesting. I’m just wondering if there’s a cold/burning sensation where they implants are??? The UN/IBM/Sun Micro guys video taped the odd behavior back in 2007 and they were back and forth to China to sell the “Spark” chip… I was told by an initiated member who worked on MK “I see a spark in you.” Divine spark or a punny joke?

    • I get buzzing sensations where the implants are… sometimes, I also get a weird feeling like something is dripping into my ear. Sometimes, it seems like I am getting pinged.

  8. Lissakrhumanelife said:

    I too have something after surgery. One stood over me, said one word which activated ‘it.’ Many flew towards me, hitting it electronically. There are other things as well…


    • You said, “Many flew towards me”… many what? BTW… two movies that seem to illustrate what is happening, at least on some level, are “They Live”, and “Control Factor”. You can see “They Live” on youtube, in 9 parts. “Control Factor” is harder to find, but you can find clips of it on youtube that give a good description.

  9. Lissakrhumanelife said:
  10. Here’s your proof that this adoption crime took place elsewhere. I hope I’m allowed to post links.
    Do not get any kind of tattoos on your body. They are prohibited by God.


    • Thank you so much for this link!!! You are so kind! I am so grateful to you for this…. you just don’t even know what it means to me. To know I am not crazy and that this is going on in the world. When I searched for a link proving that catholic church was doing this, all I found was info about a group of baptists. I am amazed that a stranger would take the time to search for that. Thank God there are still people who care out there in this world. I will post it in my document now… a big heartfelt thanks to you!
      Sorry if I seem like I’m gushing :/

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  14. brady bl y said:

    Same things ive been through. My doctor and therapists know its Scientologist technology and ritual abuse. B

  15. Have you thought about that everything you are experiencing can be done to you remotely? I too am a victim or organized harassment, v2k, electronic weaponry, etc. I have done endless research and I know that these physical symptoms you are experiencing can all be done electronically and remotely. In the beginning of my harassment, I thought I could possible have some kind of implants but I later realized there was no real reason for them to mess around with kidnapping me or whatever it would take to physically implant something into my body (I have never had surgery aside from wisdom teeth pulled). The dripping feeling into your ear is definitely being done remotely, What are your thoughts on this? Wow, it’s just so crazy to imagine there are so many of these criminals out there stalking and harassing victims like you and I! Really, I like to think of them as pathetic freaks who have no other outlet in life other then to harass and victimize people they don’t know.

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