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In 2009 a stranger in the street told me that I had been “sold into slavery”. Considering the fact that I was adopted through a catholic agency, and the fact that the Catholic church has been indicted on more than one count of child-trafficking, this does not suprise me.


I believe I am a victim of the MK Ultra program, or some other similar program. I have had flashbacks of my mother being involved in a very heinous procedure done to me in my private parts, during a surgical procedure that was done under general anesthetic. I have heard programming spill out into my mind. I have had occult curses put on me since I was a child, relating to the tarot and my birthday (12th trump of the Thoth deck). The same thing that cursed me, gave my mother her blessings (4th trump, same deck). I have been mindcontrolled to become a ritual sacrifice for some very evil people.

I never heard voices before 2008. I discovered I had implants (which can be seen in the document entitled, “Born Into Slavery”, https://musicis2words.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/born-into-slavery-updated-with-links/) in 2008. I have no doubt that it is the implants that are causing the voices, although there is other technology out there that enables voices to be broadcasted into people’s heads without implants. While some may think I am schizophrenic, despite my proof of the implants, it should be noted that I was 40 when I began to hear these voices (which speak horrible things to me), & schizophrenia is not known to manifest at that age.

I have been labeled and discredited by the people around me, regardless of the fact that these same people have seen & felt the RFID-sized implants in my ears.


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  1. Dear musicis2words,

    Your story resonates with me as I believe that I, too, am a victim of mind control programming and generational ritual abuse–specifically, the Monarch Program. I was born on 12/24/62 and was supposed to be given up for adoption. The “story”is that my mother couldn’t let me go when she saw me presented to her in a Christmas stocking. I am a bastard child whose biological father is 100% of German ethnicity and who was born on 9/11/37. I have never met him. I will be 50 this year and my biological father, 75.

    I am sure as I continue on my blogging journey, I will want to share the deeper layers of what someone from this birth to death sacrificial program goes through. Until then, I am just touching the tip of the iceberg with my current story of 10 years of the premeditated and coordinated demise of my life on every level in every way–namely the organized gang stalking protocol and electronic harassment and surveillance 24/7.

    You are very brave to have the courage to come forward with your experiences and with your current struggle with the demonic spiritual entities that have power over the human soul. They can only go so far but, in my opinion, if we want God’s protection, we have to align our will with his. God tells us to not have anything to do with the occult as these are the dark arts and ancient mysteries taught to man through demonic entities. My limited experience with the occult arts and with people dedicated to Lucifer, Satan, or witchcraft, has proven the voracity of all of these teachings. But, just because something is there to be known does not mean that it is good for me to indulge in or learn about–indeed quite the opposite.

    “…For you have trusted in your wickedness… Therefore evil shall come upon you… trouble shall fall upon you… Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, And the monthly prognosticators stand up and save you from what shall come upon you. Behold, they shall be as stubble, The fire shall burn them; They shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame…” Isaiah 47:10-14

    “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” James 4:8 NASB

    I believe your every word and know the lifelong pain and injustice well. Let us gather strength and encouragement from each other that we can fight the good fight to the end. I will pray for you. Keep the faith!

    Yours in Christ,

    • Dear Lynn,

      I cannot thank you enough for your comment… It really helps me to know, at least, that I am not alone in my struggle. I know that they use people born out of wedlock, with the rationalization that we are indeed, “just bastards”, and they feel that God allows them to do what they want with us because of what Deuterotomy says about bastards. This is why am so concerned about my fate, and why I feel I have to uncover what they are doing and how they do it. When I tried to turn completely away from the occult, the occult practitioners continued to harass me. For example, last night, when I was trying to fall asleep, I had a vision of someone doing a type of “voodoo dance”. I know there is a practice of remote viewing going on, and I wonder if that is how I was able to see this. I have also seen people using some sort of a poppet. Considering the fact that the Roman Catholic church has been associated with the Rosicrucians, and that they are adepts in the occult, and that those involved in these practices do indeed use certain dates for specific occult purposes (for example: the 7/7 bombings in London, and of course, 9/11, which was a mass ritual sacrifice in itself), it does not suprise me that you are a victim and your birthday happens to be Christmas Eve.
      I pray for all of us to one day find peace.
      Have you seen the youtube video called, “Allen Barker’s Mental Firewall”? It helps me to listen to it sometimes, to remember that the perpetraitors of this horrible crime are the ones truly responsible for this nightmare.
      Thank you so much for praying for me. I will pray for you also.

      • Dear Mu,

        Thank you for your comment! We have to support one another in this battle and use everything that we can to fight back.

        Those of us who were playing into the hand of the enemy but were naive to what was happening and those trying to break away from the occult are two of the most oppressed groups. The occult is full of lies and half-truths and generalizations that are meant to lead a soul step-by-step to lifeless zombiehood. Do not give up–turn away and ask for God to forgive and comfort you and to take over your mind and heart and soul.

        The mind control games and technologies are used on many of us by both sadistic humans and demonic entities. Either way–its demonic and must be fought off with spiritual warfare. If you are still practicing or dabbling in anything occult, no matter how innocuous, you should cease immediately! Things such as astrology, tarot and palm reading are strictly forbidden by God as dark arts of the enemy.

        Instead, dig into the life giving and sustaining truths in the Bible. In a world that is in constant premeditated chaos and tumult, turn to God and he will turn to you. In my opinion, only He can bring peace and joy in the eye of the “perfect” storm.

        God bless you~

    • Please forgive my oversight if I have already mentioned this, but there are two references I wised to pass on to you. The first is:


      – and the second is; “Archetypes of the Soul” by Varda Hasselmann/Frank Schmolke.

      I recommend these from the point of view of your soul’s higher purpose which knows and understands why your earthly existence has taken the course which it has. In loving kindness.

      • Hey, thank you for the sites. I will definitely check them out.

        It’s just that I am going through a rough time. Ever since I discovered the archetypes from the tarot, and how strong their affects have been on my life, prior to me ever seeing the tarot, I can’t help but feel that they seem to have taken away a certain amount of freewill.

        In my carse, most notably is the reversed nature of that 12th trump (in relation to my 12/12 Bdate), and how I was made to be right-handed against my natural left inclination. It seems like my whole life has been in an inverted position.

        The upsidedown ankh in at least three decks for the 12th trump is particularly disturbing, since the ankh is a symbol for life.

      • With faith you can pull through. Isn’t it about time the “Sisyphus” myth got rewritten anyway, and who better to show the world than you?

      • Hey… I really appreciate your compassion. Many people just don’t get what I am talking about.
        I am trying to speak about the things I have discovered about archetypal transference. I was never a bible-thumper, mind you, but I think I understand why the 2nd commandment says “no graven images”. Images go into the collective unconscious and have effects, it seems. I know that people’s behavior can often be connected to their astrological sign, so why not to their tarot archetype, based on numerology? I know it is true in my case, as well as in my mother’s (4/4=emperor). Symbolism seems to have powerful effects on the subconscious mind.

      • Have you tried the Osho Zen Tarot? I have found it very well-grounded and healing. Also music is a wonderful healer too. Right now I am listening to Opera music, Placido Domingo. Music combined with beauty that is. In Loving Kindness as the Buddhists say. I wish you an easing of your life’s samsara.

      • Poetjena,

        Please forgive my late reply. Thank you for sharing.

        I have come to love and follow Jesus Christ and his teachings. As such, I do not have any more interest in reading New Age or other philosophies that, at their heart, are anti-God or Christian. Over the years, I have read the wisdom of many teachers, but most purport a philosophy of man becoming or being God and I don’t concur with that at all.

        Thank you for reaching out and for trying to help us understand what is going on–its deep that’s for sure!

        God bless you as you pursue your personal truth.

      • Indeed. Our lives offer us the opportunity to take many paths. Thank you for your response. Blessings.

      • Beautifully stated, poetjena. Thank you…….sending blessings back to you.

        Peace and joy~

    • Dear Mu,

      You’ve been on my mind and I just wanted to let you know. Recently, I found a blog that describes the New Covenant biblical perspective on the “bastard” status and label. It really brought some clarity about the issue to me and I wanted to pass it on to you.

      Keep up the faith–you are not alone. Reach out and heal yourself in the process. Here is the posting: http://peopleofyahuwah.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/the-truth-about-the-bastards/

      God bless you!

  2. I just want to say that you have a very pain delving, at times poignant I find, and conclusively intriguing blog. Thank you for taking a look at my blog. Although my main focus is currently to continue writing, I do own a set of Crowley tarot cards. When I do have a conversation with them I watch them, one might say, and they watch me. But I do not feel fear. As terror-filled as my impression of your experiences is, they have made you what you are today and I am sure that the knowledge you have is invaluable.

    • Hey there… thanx for your comment. I know others who feel cursed by having the 12/12 bdate. It makes us a meta vibration of the hanged man or “dying god” (ala Thoth). The whole 12 thing… I see it often… in the bible: 12 tribes, 12 stones in a circle, 12 apostles… in culture… a 12 pack, a dozen, the number at the top of the clock. I feel that in 2012, many things are backwards, like the patriot act, big pharma, etc. The upsidedown thing=reversal… manifested in me being made to be righthanded against natural inclination.
      I do not feel fear at the thoth deck, I feel truth… the truth of what has happened to me. My mom was 4/4 and displayed too many qualities from the emperor card of THAT deck, for it to be merely a coincedence.
      The fearI feel is due to becoming a target, since I have discovered the truth about symbolism, not only in numbers, but in language… which is why my handle is “music is 2 words”. MU is the 12th letter of the greek alphabet, and SIC means “as intentionally so written”…. which makes me question if I ever truly had freewill. Check out “Born Into Slavery” at scribd.com
      Thanx again for your comment. It is very much appreciated.

  3. Go to this site….V2K, Now in the Millions. This site explains a lot about human guinea pigs being used to incorporate a new scientific way of fucking with people’s heads. I would apologize for my use of the word fuck, but I simply do not feel the need to do so.
    Stay strong….keep your chin up and protect your child.

  4. Fellow (for lack of a better word) Catholic Charities monarch here. I am just beginning to see how deep this goes (up and down, that is). Things that seemingly made no sense, from memories to media, are all coming together under this one terrible explanation. This really is true, regardless of how repulsive even a slightly healthy mind would try to tell you otherwise. This is, of course, is the reason why its cover is so successful.

    Some things:

    1. The links for the Catholic Charities child trafficking charges are actually on youtube and elsewhere. I posted the link in my blog if you are interested.
    2. The numerological fixation is part of the programming. Specifically, it’s a trance trigger made to stun you, and in my opinion, you should avoid thinking of it like the plague. It is your “slave name”, so to speak.
    3. Your description of the use of media in this whole sordid mess is really on point. There are targets for the public, for a group of monarchs, and for an individual monarch; but it is all done with the goal in mind of making the subject convinced that they are delusional. For this reason, there is the obsession with mirrors. The reflection overcomes the image that creates it, or the optical illusion has a greater power than the reality. This, along with the occult/OTO themes such as numerology and Crowley’s work (an MI6 agent, by the way), is why I agree that Monarch/MKUltra is part of the whole big I-word conspiracy.

    Hey, what are you gonna do, call me crazy?

    Thanks for sharing your story. It has helped me uncover many important pieces of this puzzle for myself.

    • Hey, I just want to say a big thank you for your feedback. I have looked at your blog and appreciate your writings. I left some comments there. It is my sincere hope that we (the victims) can all find peace from the nightmare of mind control.

  5. Dear musicis2words,

    I have the same Cochlear Implants as yourself, and furthermore have MRI Scans clearly showing their presence, including probes which have been inserted into the sutures of my brain. This I have confirmation in writing of from a qualified professional too, one that has in fact operated on me and encountered the implants when he did. Irrespective of this though I can prove my case in several ways, and indeed have won two independent legal tribunals relating to it.

    I can also relate to everything you’ve written as I was implanted as a child too, and with a great deal of assistance from my – so called – mother to boot. I’m now 47 years old.

    It’s not my immediate intention to produce a blog on here as I have a Google one, which yes I could duplicate on here and may well do. It’s hidden for the moment – my Google blog that is – but will be back online before long. The address for future reference is: chroniclesofamindcontroltarget.blogspot.co.uk

    My signing up on here was really just to contact yourself at this juncture, as on reading your work I felt you would be interested in seeing some medical evidence of the type of implants you have. If yours are the same as mine – and I’ve stated they are because I have the same lumps you do in the same position on both my ears, one of which is constantly swelling up – they’re not nearly as small as you may believe them to be.

    I can’t attach files here so if you’d like me to send copies of these to you, drop me a line at kieron.lee.perrin@gmail.com

    Stay strong, do not give up hope, we are getting somewhere with regards to fighting back and locating effective help – as in Surgeons in other parts of the world that are willing to operate and remove these horrific devices.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi there, & thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding these implants. I have met one other person online, who also has them, & he is from Germany. If you would like to, you can send those files to my wordpress name @ gmail. My youtube user name is also “musicis2words”.

      So I gather that you are in the UK. I am glad that you won your legal tribunals regarding your implants. Unfortunately, I have no money, no job, no medical insurance, & thus no way to get any help from a professional regarding this problem. I have been to public health clinics where the professionals basically told me they wouldn’t help me with this problem.

      I believe these implants to be responsible for many of my problems throughout my life, as you may have guessed. Since I have no idea of who put them in, I have no idea who I can hold liable for my loss of employability, among other things. Without knowing who did this to me, I cannot know who to go after, & even if I did, I have no money to hire an attorney anyway.

      I am definitely interested in your blog, though so let me know when it is up.

      Wishing you well.

  6. Hi…I can relate, I have had some strange experiences happening to me since 2008 as I had become quite outspoken in regards to Political and Religious ideas on mainstream message board in Australia…I have been fastidiously seeking the sources of these interferences and like you looked at the symbolisms..particuarly in Astrology..I do believe once we all added our dates of birth to everything “THEY”played alot of people…Your physical structure or temple ..i.e..anatomical framework has to be energetically closed..The archetypes of Carl Jung are hierarchical personas based on the Cardinal Cross application to the 12 wheeled chart..connected to the Theosophicals ..Astrologers..Rosicrucian and many other deluded old traditional memes that control the masses..Wiccan and Yogis are also capable of Metaphysical torture ..punishments and rape..
    .”They “use technology..MY ADVICE…turn off your mains electric power to house..if ya can..so your sleep will not be disturbed..They use scalar wave to move vertebrae(references on line to sound chiropractor y)..Spiritual warfare does exist…JFK..Was a negative blood group..All negative blood groups are monitored via all governments word wide since birth..(check it out)..I am not sure if this is appropriate to you it is to me…It is daunting and scary..Blessings to you Saggitarius…I am enjoying your articles., They are helpful to me..:))God is LOVE.
    Try to stay in it..hard I know as so dark is the world becoming….

    • Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on your thoughtful comment. You made very good points in your comment, & I just want you to know I appreciate it.

      Be well.

  7. strangerontheshore said:

    Hi, don’t know WHY my mail was deleted from a personal message to your blog, I read above about ‘keystrokes’, does this mean that all these messages to a personal page are auto-screened ? Your contributors have interesting stuff, like blood group monitoring, etc.
    Even fwnrn1 says that TPTB use supply lines to induce waves, … My hearing is quite deficient, [following eardrum repairs], and YET, each night I hear a whining vibe, like a fridge, but that’s in the next room, and normally I struggle to hear my ‘phone, if it buzz’s next to me 🙂 Courage….

  8. I can tell by the way you write that you are a deep person and very kind. You will turn this test into a testimony. Give yourself the support you need and dismiss thoughts that make you feel bad or try to figure things out in your mind. Drop down to the heart and feel your way back to your center. You deserve to feel good about yourself and not live in panic or fear. Your angels will protect you, just ask. Raise your vibration of love, it is the point of attraction and it will hide you from those who operate at the lower levels of fear based actions. Give yourself lots of quiet time, reflection time, space to heal. I am more than a conqueror in Christ and so are you. Try to find some ways to weave in lightness and humor into your heavy situation. I’m sending love your way, beautiful soul.

  9. intrepidbynature said:

    I haven’t forgotten you, CAT.
    intrepid101614 at gmail.com if you want/need it.

    John Nutter

  10. strangerontheshore said:

    Hi Mu,
    Not got anything to say, except I think of ALL victims of the system…. In the UK, ther is a steadily growing ‘grass-roots’ movement, helped by UK Column [Brian Gerrish & friends ], and EVERYTHING being uncovered and exposed is pointing to the diabolic !
    Brian does not reference David Icke’s central theme of Extra-terrestial ” reptillians”, but all the growing evidence points there…

    To all your readers, I’m sorry, but perhaps we need now re-examine any allegiance or faith in the ‘Bible’ per se ? I do standfastedly believe in a GOD, but given the overwhelming accumulation of diverse info, from Z. Sitchin, Icke, Von Daniken, Tellinger and so many others, I believe all this evil of Monarch, MK, does not lead me towards blindly accepting the same ‘Bible’, which has been so corrupted.

    Closing, I suggest to all who I encounter, to listen to ” Sister Charlotte’s Testimony”, [ and DOWNLOAD it while it’s here ! ! ], This, along with Kevin Annett [ITCCS.org], should do much to educate Catholics as well as others, to the evils of the so called churches….

    Bless you all, Phillip.

  11. Hello,

    I just have read “Here’s what they Ought to say, to be Closer to the Truth of the Situation:”

    I’m shocked because this is exactly waht I had to hear all my life – sentence by sentence exactly the same.

    I’m 45 years old and a victim of Trauma Based Mind Control by CIA-psychopaths since my birth.

    But waht shall we all do? Waiting for our death?

    We have to organize a demonstration with all TI’s from all over the world in Washington and shout out how they are wraping us since our childhood. Who will start this work?

    You, the american TI’s should start it – it is time now – how long will we wait?

    This is my homepage in german and english http://www.brittaleiajaccard.jimdo.com and on blogger http://www.mind-control-torture.blogspot.de

    Kind Regards
    Leia Jaccard

    • Hey… I took a quick look at your blog… I was “heart attacked” in 2008…. now I suffer from tachycardia & palpitations. I honestly don’t know what to do. The DSM (a psychiatric manual for so-called “disorders” specifically states that those who feel there is a conspiracy against them are to be classified as “paranoid”… we are discredited here in the US as having a mental illness.

  12. stephanie said:

    Hi , I have been gang stalked for over 6 years. This is modern slavery. I know what you mean about other TI not wanting to talk to you because of fear. I would like to talk to you if possible.

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