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The Ankh in the Tarot and Metaphysical Mind Control

The Ankh in the Tarot and Metaphysical Mind Control

This piece is taken from a book I am writing about the use of symbolism in mind control. The Monarch Program is so named because of the observation that Monarch butterflies are able to pass down knowledge via genetic memory, and the fact that it can be applied to mind control victims. This means that those who have been mind controlled will pass down their programming to their children via genetics, which will then be reinforced programming delivered via television, movies, and music.

This is an Ankh. It is the Egyptian symbol for life and fertility, which happens to closely resemble the commonly accepted symbol for female. What does it imply when this symbol is upside-down, as it is in the 12th trump of certain decks of the tarot, such as the Harris-Crowley Thoth deck and the Hermetics deck? Has anyone noticed how, in 2012, life seems to be upside-down? In a so-called free country, laws protecting our freedoms have been severely restricted. Has anyone noticed, when seeing news stories about how the Catholic Church, which is supposed to be a spiritual organization, has been indicted on child-trafficking charges? How spiritual is it to sell children into slavery to be ritual sacrifices for some occult desire? Is it also possible that the images of the tarot have had some impact on the state of our world, due to the fact that this image is in the collective psyche on a genetic level? I am reminded of the oft-quoted statement by Michael Ellner: “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers 12th Trump Thoth Tarotdestroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.” Is it any surprise that this upside-down state of the world has reached a pinnacle in the year 2012, when one looks at the 12th trump of most tarot decks?


If both chaos theory and quantum theory, as applied to metaphysics, dictate that what you focus on becomes attracted to you, as is discussed in movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?, then is it possible to program someone into attracting negative things by using symbolism? Is it also possible that, with so many people studying the tarot, do readings for other people, developing their own decks, and so many people repeating the same patterns of symbolism in their versions of the tarot, that those archetypal energies become amplified? I submit that they have become glorified flash cards, causing certain negative memes (a term coined by Richard Dawkins) to become rampant in our world. From Wikipedia: “A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures.” The rising popularity of the tarot has allowed certain memes to pervade in our culture, possibly contributing to the negative situation in our world today, where so many of us now lack those freedoms we once took for granted. I should have known things were getting ugly when, on the back of someone’s running shoes, I saw the image of the ankh, being splayed apart. It was foretelling of what I would be going through in a very short period of time. Is someone tearing life apart in that logo? How many of these shoes are currently in circulation? To me, the image to the right looks like both the Ankh, and it’s meaning, has been violated. Regardless of where the image of the Ankh came from, it is the associated meaning that became the meme in our culture. Now what happens to those people who have seen the violated image to the right? Anyone who has studied chaos magic undoubtedly knows the answer to this question.

When I was a child, I felt closely identified to the non-debased form of the Ankh, but never knew why. I remember seeing it in a movie once, and I was simply attracted to it. I later learned the meaning associated with the Ankh, as determined by the understanding of its meaning in Egyptian hieroglyphics. I always felt there was something wrong with my life, with the way things always seemed to be lined up against me, but I never understood metaphysically, why it was happening. I used to think that God hated me, that is, until I saw the 12thtrump of the Thoth deck of the tarot. While I hadn’t seen these cards until I was in my 40s, they seem to have had an effect on my entire life simply because my birthdate is 12/12. What’s more, this same peculiar deck also seems to have had an effect on my mother’s life, simply because her birthdate was 4/4, and her card was the Emperor card. Could this card be why she married an Aries and why her mom was an Aries (as seen in the rams behind the character in the card on

4th Trump of the Thoth Tarot deck

the left)? Could this card also have been influential in why the two people she loved the most were both born in the 8th month (as denoted by two 8-pointed stars on either side of the figure)? I would be the lamb at the Emperor’s feet, because I cared about certain causes (indicated by the flag), and would that be my best friend

who is represented by the fleur-dis-li because she was born on 6/6? Is it any coincidence that my mother was a trophy winning bowler?

I mean, it all sure seems like a set up to me. Now consider that 12th trump of the same deck, located on the previous page. Can anyone blame the poor sod born on 12/12 for anything, given the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy and memes? That person is pinned down, unconscious, and hanging from an upside-down symbol for life. I have heard some people believe that Crowley was an evil man, but the question remains: “Did F. Harris design the cards first, or did Crowley give her the design to paint from?” I believe that the bible’s original intent behind the commandment about “graven images” was meant to keep people from having such an influence on others in the manner that the tarot had its influence over me.

The way all of this is connected to Monarch programming is the following: the victim of a set-up, such as the 12th trump could have never truly had freewill because their whole life has been upside-down, making it impossible for them to “live life on life’s terms” so-to-speak, because life’s terms have been completely skewed for them, which makes this a DOUBLE-BIND. Double-bind programming is typical in monarch programming, and is how they put the victim in the proverbial “no-win situation”. From Dictionary.com: “Psychology- it is a situation in which a person is given conflicting cues, especially by a parent, such that to obey one cue is to disobey the other.” From http://www.laingsociety.org: “A second variation of the double bind involves a situation in which a person is chastised for a correct perception of the outside world. In this situation the child will learn to distrust his own sensory awareness in favor of the parent’s assessment of the situation. One example would be the child who is raised in a violent household but is expected to see his parents as loving and peaceful. In later life this person will have a difficult time determining how to behave appropriately in a variety of situations. Indeed, this person will spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to decipher exactly how he “should” interpret the situation.”

For more detailed information on the symbolism of the Ankh, please see the following website: http://www.holoweb.net/~liam/pictures/ankh/ankh.html

For some really good information on the “double bind” concept, please see the following Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_bind.html

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If you were a Vampire/Monarch program of culling humanity

This is not a pretty document. If you are squeamish, please do not read it. There is a reason why I am being told that “we are just crops”.

If you were a vampire, what would be the best way to ensure your survival? By growing your food, using mind control to keep it down, so it cannot become successful enough to support itself, and stays somewhat dependent. I believe that this is why the population is allowed to get to a certain size, but is then culled. It forces the slaves to produce so much for the masters, until they cannot bear the emotional abuse anymore, and then are fed off of energetically. Consider the name of the main protagonist in the “Twilight” movies, Edward Cullen.

I have read that at least 75% of targets are female. I believe this is due, in part, to the female’s nurturing nature, but also to the tendency for females have a more holistic point of view, as compared to men, who are more able to focus, and thereby more able to resist.

It has become evident to me that the Monarch Program, and MK Ultra are programming techniques used in the culling of our population. By sensitizing subjects to the programming, it is then used against them, to destroy the psyche, which makes it easier to then destroy the body. Observing animals in nature, especially vultures, exposes what I like to call the “TI crop theory” as a possibility. After speaking with multiple targeted people, and learning that so many are adoptees, and that many are aware of their own mindcontrol programming, whereby they were set up by a process called “love-bombing” before they were then mentally tortured with the removal of that “love”. It seems to me, considering the way most victims feel as if there own family is involved, that we are living in a world of cannibals, who feed off eachother like vampires.

I am forced to wonder how many of us were made victims at birth, as if the adoptive parents are paid to treat the adoptee as second rate, in preparation for a future of being targeted. When I was growing up, I was largely left alone by my adoptive parents. Doing this puts the child at an emotional deficit, making it easier to mentally abuse and/or manipulate them later on. By mentally and possibly physically abusing a human being, you progressively beat down their self-esteem, making it easier for weapons, such as voice-to-skull weapons and electromagnetic radiation, to affect the mental and physical organism of the victim, respectively. It goes against the theory of natural selection because the technique forces a person to be emotionally weak, depressed, with a low self-esteem, thereby unnaturally handicapping them, long before the actual killing begins. This technique of keeping the victim down throughout life, creates a situation of shooting fish in a barrel, or killing deer in a pen.

Adding to their technique of subtle mistreatment of the victim in childhood (so the abuse cannot be proven), is the metaphysical techniques of occult magic being done in the background, done in order to orchestrate the whole life of the subject, in such a way that the subject is never allowed to flourish in life, additionally handicapping them in an artificial way. The parents can then enforce guilt onto the adult child for not being a success, further breaking down the psyche. How else can someone be assured of winning a game unless that game has been fixed well in advance?

Sometime in childhood or adulthood, a traumatic event will occur, which will further destroy the mind of the victim. In my case, it happened when I was having a surgery, under general anesthetic, whereby my mother was holding me down as my gynecologist used some horrible instrument on me in my vagina. The memory of it came to me as a flashback, wherein I could hear the sound of the instrument, the sound of my mother’s voice, and the sound of my own screams. The trauma not only came out later, in the form of vulvodynia (which is often caused by trauma), but the pain is now constant and has helped to ruin my life, making it much easier for others to suck off my energy.

This is an ongoing blog… more to come.

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