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If you read my other wordpress posts, you will see how I was sold into slavery via a catholic adoption for the purpose of being the unwitting participant in a horrible and inhumane experiment, involving implantation of RFID chips (see photos below) as a child, and a horrible violation of my body, during a surgery in 2004, resulting in a condition known as vulvodynia, which is the result of trauma to the area, and causes constant pain. Ever since I began to have traumatic memories come back to me in 2008, I became an overt (as opposed to previously covert) target for character assasination, voices coming through implants (making me believe God was speaking directly to me), loss of employment, condition of severe and constant pain creating an artificial disability, electronic harassment, and gang stalking. I believe I was discredited precisely because I have these implants, and those who are doing this targeting want to silence me, in order to keep the truth, of what was done to me, from getting out.

Even though I have been treated for and given medication for schizophrenia (a label they often like to put on victims to discredit them), a judge denied my disability claim. The fact that this dishonorable judge denied me disability when I have a history of attempted suicide, among other things, speaks volumes about what is being done to me on purpose.

I was born in the late 1960s, well after Dr. Jose Delgado started (early 1950s) his research with implanting brain stimulators in animals and humans, with much success. These implants have many positive uses, but on me, they were used for negative purposes, to keep me in a negative state of mind.

Implant with circle to indicate location

I, like so many other unwitting victims of this no-touch torture, have no choice but to tell my story in the hopes that someone will see it who might be able to help me in my plight. I was born innocent, but through the uncontrollable acts of others involved, a once loving, positive, and caring child became a negative and sad adult. When I began to get positive and more spiritual, the voices started coming through the implants. I have no idea how long I have had these implants, but they could have been subliminally influence me my whole life, for all I know. I was held in custody of the adoption agency known as Catholic Charities, for 6 weeks before my parents got custody, so I might have been implanted then. This agency has been indicted on child-trafficking charges. Catholic adoption agencies are known for selling children into slavery for mind control experiments. I find it shocking that I have been unable to get any real help so far.


As you can see from the two photos above, what I have in my ears are the same size as the RFID chips. If I could get one of them removed, I could get a serial number from it and track down who manufactured it, and who they sold it to. PLease see, “THIS IS A BILL”, at:


These days, the voices are telling me that we (targeted individuals) are just crops to them. As if we are some sort of sacrifices.

For more information on the capabilities of brain implants in the 1950s & 1960s, as demonstrated by Dr. Jose Delgado, please see the following documents online:



The use of children from orphanages for experimental programs is known by many, including those involved in these programs. For more information about how adoption agencies sell children in general, see these documents:



I experience many of the things that Allen Barker speaks about in http://targetedindividualscanada.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/allen-barkers-models-of-synthetic-telepathy/


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  2. […] Just heard a voice say, “We can’t protect you anymore”. I am forced to wonder what in the world the voice was referring to, because over the past four years I have been tortured physically via what they are calling “soft kill” and “slow kill”, as well as electronic harassment, and voices coming through these implants in front of each of my ears. I am wondering when I was being protected anyway. Was it when I was born and sold into slavery through a Catholic agency that has been indicted on child-trafficking charges? Maybe I was being ‘protected’  when I was implanted with these RFID chips in my ears, used to influence my psyche, and ruin my spirit, throughout my life (proof of implants at: https://musicis2words.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/implantvictim) […]

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