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The Million Dollar Pyramid: Stalking by Proxy Edition

The Million Dollar Pyramid: Stalking by Proxy Editionmilliondollarpyramidstalking

Cue Music…. Lights, Camera, Action…

Presenter:  “Ok now, you & your partner will have 60 seconds on the clock to give clues & guess what the answer is for each of the six triangles in our pyramid on “stalking by proxy”. Are you ready?”

Contestant:  “I sure am!”

Presenter: “Allrighty then…. Start…. Now!”


Partner: “Innuendo, Mobbing, Directed Conversation, Vandalism, wrong number phone calls, street theatre….”

Contestant: “Um… things perpetraitors do in public to traumatize the target!”


Partner: “Directed Energy Weapons… Microwave Radiation…Voice to Skull…. Implants..”

Contestant: “Technology involved in high tech slaking by proxy!”


Partner: “We love you…. We need you…. We want you to be happy….. You deserve better….”

Contestant:  “Um… Things perpetraitors say during the “love-bombing” phase of targeting?”


Partner: “Um… You’re being killed, liquidated, deleted, consolidated…. You’re just food to us…. You’re being framed…. You’re going to jail…. You’re going to hell….”

Contestant: “Verbal fear tactics used to psychologicaly traumatize the target!”


Partner: “Hmm… umm…. If you just stop talking about it, this will stop…. If you stop your activism, we won’t do this anymore…. You should lay low. ”

Contestant: “Is it…. Lies perps tell to make the target think there is a way out???”


Partner: “You deserve it….  Serves you right….. You’re evil….. You’re the devil…. You’re a demon…. You’re a liar…. It’s your karma… You’re sick…. You’re a bad parent…. You’re racist…. You’re a bum…. You’re a whore….. You’re a communi-.”

Contestant: “Things perpetraitors say to justify torturing the target!”


Presenter: “Here’s a bonus question for you to earn an extra million.” (hands a folded piece of paper to the partner)

Partner: “Nonconsensual human experimentees…. Ritual Abuse victims…. Human rights advocates… People against corruption…”

Contestant: “Groups that victims of stalking by proxy often come from!!!”

Partner: “YES!!! YAY!!!

*ding ding ding ding ding ding ding*

(Audience cheers)

dollarpyramidPresenter: “You did it! You’ve won a million dollars plus the bonus round!! Congratulations!!!

Contestant & Partner get up and hug each other… Contestant jumps up & down… Balloons & streamers fall.

(Music plays)


Link to Wired Report on Tech that Mimics Schizophrenia

This needs to be seen…

“Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia”


For Unwitting Subjects of Experimentation (TIs)

Here are a few links I have found that might be important to Targeted Individuals or Subjects of Experimentation:

http://areyoutargeted.com/ (especially see the part on the right, labeled, “Better Terminology”)







I am owed, by parties cited below (and possibly others not cited below), my life, health, freedom, wellbeing, freewill, and indeed, my very soul, back from all parties involved in the placement of my personal property (myself) into an experimental mind control program, without my consent, that involved the use of RFID-sized implants in my ears, which served to change me from the person I was born to be.

My HUMAN RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED. While there is no amount of money that can recoup my loss or replace what has been stolen from me, I deserve at least that from those involved. I did not consent to be taken from my birthmother, or placed into an experimental program involving the use of implants (see photos below), therefore I am owed all those things above, plus the amount of 5 million dollars for mental anguish, loss of livelihood/employability, for all bills acquired by me, which are a direct result of my being influenced by these implants.

Since I can feel both sides of each implant, they obviously go directly through the cartilage of my ears, and it cannot be doubted that they are unnatural foreign objects, and not, as some would say, keloid scars or cutaneous horns. Their size is the same as that of RFID implants. Given the sensations I experience and have experienced through them, I must conclude they are some form of microchip or RFID chip.

RightSideImplant     Implant on left side with circle to indicate location     RFID_rice_fingerscochlear_implant


This bill is directed to, but not limited to, the following participating parties:

Catholic Charities for possibly stealing me from my natural parents, for holding me in their custody for the first 6 weeks of my life, causing an attachment disorder, and for placing me in a family, solely because they had money (upper middle class in the late 60s) but were not necessarily meant to raise more children. I was often left alone, neglected, verbally and sometimes physically abused, and was given television as a main baby sitter. I had a near drowning at 3y/o. I was allowed to play alone in the woods at 6 years old and beyond. I spent the latter half of my childhood in a literal house of mirrors. The use of mirrors in mind control is a heavily documented subject, and drownings at the age of 3 are often cited in ritual abuse cases.

Whatever company or entity manufactured the RFID chips that are in my ears.

Whatever doctor or entity implanted those chips into my ears.

Whatever agency, group, company, entity, or human being that authorized the placement of those chips into my ears.

Whatever agency, group, company, entity, or human being that utilized the implanted RFID chips for whatever experiment I was involved in, past, present, or future.

Whatever group, company, entity, or human being who profited from the placement of said implants.

Whatever group, company, entity, or human being who profited from the suffering endured by me as a result of the placement of me in any experimental program, including any program that involved the use of any implanted chips on my body.

Here is a short explanation of what I have been through as a result of what was done to me:

I was born in the late 60s, after Dr. Jose Delgado had begun working on brain stimulation with implants in the heads of rats, cats, dogs, and even a bull. He was able to “play animals like instruments”. This research was begun in the early 50s, at least 15 years before I was born. This technology has positive aspects in the ability to improve the quality of life for many people who are disabled, but it obviously fell into the wrong hands, because it had powerful, far-reaching, negative effects on my quality of life and on my emotional wellbeing.

Since I have never felt pain in the sites of these implants, I am forced to conclude that they have been with me since birth. Since I was held in custody of the adoption agency for the first 6 weeks of my life, it seems logical to think that it was most likely done during the period between 12/12/1967 and 1/22/1968. If they were implanted during that time, they may have been used to “play me” in the same way that Dr. Delgado’s animals were “played”. This means that various parts of my brain were possibly stimulated to make me depressed, sad, lonely, apathetic, emotionally disturbed, causing me to make very bad decisions in life, and to eventually become a drug addict, so that I would be easily labeled and discredited. I am no longer a drug addict, but have been left with emotional trauma that I cannot heal.

It must be noted that, when these “chips” were implanted in my head, it was WITHOUT MY CONSENT, AND it was most certainly NOT LEGAL to do so. Even if they were somehow implanted into my head during my last surgery in November of 2004 (and I am not saying they were), it was still NOT LEGAL to do so without my consent. That being said, I never felt pain in the sites of the implants after that surgery in 2004, or after any surgery I have ever had, which is why I believe it was done to me as an infant, which is reprehensible.

I am not necessarily blaming my adoptive parents because I do not know how much they knew about my having implants (although I do suspect some knowledge on the part of my father), they could have just been following the pattern they grew up with. I am not blaming my adoptive brother, because I know how he was treated when he lived in the house with us, although he did do a number of things that were frightening, to say the least.

The combination of childhood neglect and abuse, having TV as a main babysitter (flicker-rate/refresh-rate hypnosis), and being implanted with RFID chips in each ear, which have been influencing me on a subliminal level throughout my life, thereby removing a large portion of my freewill, have prohibited me from reaching my true potential & have stolen the person I was meant to be from me. This is nothing to say of the effects of flicker-rate hypnosis & post hypnotic suggestion.

All that would be needed to determine the responsible parties would be to remove at least one implant and find a serial number from it. This would allow me to track down the manufacturer and who they sold it to. IF I DIE before I am able to do this, I ask for an AUTOPSY to be performed, to remove these implants, and track down the manufacturer. I am asking for this because my quality of life has severely declined over the past few years, since I became a target for what is now being called “soft kill“, “slow kill“, and “no-touch torture“, and I am concerned about how much time I have left. I suffer all the symptoms of other targeted indiviuals.

I have been VIOLATED on a level that is difficult to quantify, but I am trying my best to put it into words.

By the way, I was not born into this world, to be ripped off by the collective, and given next to nothing in return. Those who were & are involved in doing this to me will be damned as they have damned me. Period. End of story.

For more information on the capabilities of brain implants in the 1950s & 1960s, as demonstrated by Dr. Jose Delgado, please see the following documents online:



The use of children from orphanages for experimental programs is known by many, including those involved in these programs. For more information about how adoption agencies sell children in general, see these documents:





For more information on the effects of adoption on children in general, see these documents:



For more information on Human Rights, see this document:








11/2/12: “We Can’t Protect You Anymore”

11/2/2012: Update from a torture victim


Just heard a voice say, “We can’t protect you anymore”. I am forced to wonder what in the world the voice was referring to, because over the past four years I have been tortured physically via what they are calling “soft kill” and “slow kill”, as well as electronic harassment, and voices coming through these implants in front of each of my ears. I am wondering when I was being protected anyway. Was it when I was born and sold into slavery through a Catholic agency that has been indicted on child-trafficking charges? Maybe I was being ‘protected’  when I was implanted with these RFID chips in my ears, used to influence my psyche, and ruin my spirit, throughout my life (proof of implants at: https://musicis2words.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/implantvictim)

Was it when my mother was telling me to “eat shit and die”? Was it when she left me alone in the crib to scream and cry until I passed out from exhaustion? How about when I was drowned at 3 years old? Perhaps the voice was referring to when I was exposed to my mother smoking 3 packs a day in front of my face, or when she used to drag me to smoke-filled bowling alleys for years. Maybe I was protected when I was left alone to raise myself through most of my childhood. Could it be that I was being protected when I was being called stupid every other day by my mom? Was I being protected when my brother wrapped me up in that blanket and tossed me down the stairs, when I was around 5 years old? Was I being protected when I was raped at 16 by a 21 year old man? How about when I was trying to get treated for a chronic stomach ache and the doctor decided to give me a pelvic exam, leaving the speculum in for 45 minutes while he took off (when he finally finished the exam about an hour after it started, he asked me, “Are we still friends?”), to go to lunch? Was I being protected then?

So when were these so-called protectors actually protecting me anyway?

I know it couldn’t have been very recent, because I have been suffering more lately than I ever have in my life. In fact, what is happening to me feels like a slow type of murder.

I am in constant physical pain in my privates, while I am now suffering from attacks of induced heart palpitations, burning in localized areas of my body, and severe itching to the point of me breaking the skin from scratching so much. Sometimes, I get the sensation that the wind has been knocked out of me. I have even had localized pain in my back, going straight through into my chest and lung. These are all symptoms commonly associated with microwave and electromagnetic radiation, judging from what I have read online.

So again, I must ask, what exactly was I being protected from? What happens now is anyone’s guess.

The fact that my nickname online, musicis2words, represents the words mu as the “12th letter of the Greek alphabet”, and the word sic meaning “as intentionally so written”, and the fact that I have recently seen a youtuber who calls himself, “ignoramusky” (ignore-a-mu-ski), tells me that there is some serious cointelpro going on in my case. I am disgusted by it and those who are willing to torture people simply because we are some part of a sick and disgusting experiment of death and destruction.

Please, what do they want from me? If any perpetrator is reading this, please tell me what you want from me? I mean, since I keep getting blamed for being the cause of what has been happening to me throughout my life, I have to ask, “what is it I could do differently to stop you people from murdering me?”


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Unwitting Victim Needs Attorney

To whom it may Concern:
I am the unwitting victim of implantation with some foreign body, imbedded in front of my ears. These implants are very provable, can be seen by the naked eye, and felt with touch. They were put in without my consent. I believe they are RFID chips (also known as “Real ID”), because of their size, and because of what has been happening to me over the past few years. I am hearing voices through them, as well as what I can only describe as percussive impacts. Now I feel a buzzing sensation through them. I am currently under psychiatric evaluation/care as a result of the voices that I have never experienced in my entire life, until 2008. Schizophrenia is commonly diagnosed in one’s teens or early twenties, and is generally not known to manifest in a person’s forties. In an effort to show proof of the implants, here are two photos (of left and right ears), with a diagram of a cochlear implant:



Implant on left side with circle to indicate location








I am concerned about what motives have been involved in this. My brother has told me of an inheritance of 5million dollars, which we are to split, resulting from a tobacco lawsuit, in which my deceased mother was involved. I am not sure if my brother is involved in what has been happening to me, but he got me to sign over power of attorney to my mother’s estate when I was suffering from these voices, which made me believe that God was speaking to me. By getting me labeled as mentally ill, this crime occurring against me caused me to be easily discredited. However, I can absolutely prove these implants exist, but I am finding it impossible to get any help. I now find myself the victim of constant pain, which could be caused by these chips, which has created a disability in itself. I recently attempted to get disability because of what has been happening to me, but was denied. Up until now, I have been afraid to mention these implants for fear of backlash, but I sincerely believe they need to be removed and examined. If I could at least get a serial numRFIDRiceFingersComparisonber from one of them, I might be able to track down who is responsible.

For more information on the use of implants and when it began, please see the following two articles, proving that the technology has existed for much longer than most people realize:

http://www.skewsme.com/implants.html  and  http://www.wireheading.com/delgado/brainchips.pdf

For more information on the technology involved, please see the following article:


In Missouri, a bill was actually introduced regarding the situation that I, and many others, are experiencing:


I am writing to you to ask you if you know if there is anything I can do about this. These implants were possibly imbedded during a surgery I had done for cervical dysplasia, under general anesthetic, in 2004, but may have been there since I was an infant, in custody of Catholic Charities for the first six weeks of my life. Since I never felt pain in the areas where my implants are, I am forced to conclude that I have been the unwitting victim of a horrible experiment. Since many unwitting experimentees are from orphanages and foster homes, I am forced to conclude that this may have happened to me. This country has a sad history of using children from orphanages, and other adoptees in criminal experiments.

I cannot blame Catholic Charities directly, because I can no longer find the article where I saw that they were indicted for child trafficking, although I did see it in a news story on television. Since I cannot back up the claim with any proof, I cannot make the claim.

That being said, most people who have done any research on children who are used in experiments are frequently from orphanages. Also, there are many speakers on the subject of mind control who I have heard mention that people sell their own children into experimentation programs. It also must be noted that many targeted individuals that I know are adopted or were in foster homes.


I implore you to help me in this. If I were to receive my share of the awarded monies to my mother’s estate, or if I were to receive an award from whoever is responsible for implanting me, I would not need disability.
Unwitting Victim

Implant Victim Needs An Honorable Atty

If you read my other wordpress posts, you will see how I was sold into slavery via a catholic adoption for the purpose of being the unwitting participant in a horrible and inhumane experiment, involving implantation of RFID chips (see photos below) as a child, and a horrible violation of my body, during a surgery in 2004, resulting in a condition known as vulvodynia, which is the result of trauma to the area, and causes constant pain. Ever since I began to have traumatic memories come back to me in 2008, I became an overt (as opposed to previously covert) target for character assasination, voices coming through implants (making me believe God was speaking directly to me), loss of employment, condition of severe and constant pain creating an artificial disability, electronic harassment, and gang stalking. I believe I was discredited precisely because I have these implants, and those who are doing this targeting want to silence me, in order to keep the truth, of what was done to me, from getting out.

Even though I have been treated for and given medication for schizophrenia (a label they often like to put on victims to discredit them), a judge denied my disability claim. The fact that this dishonorable judge denied me disability when I have a history of attempted suicide, among other things, speaks volumes about what is being done to me on purpose.

I was born in the late 1960s, well after Dr. Jose Delgado started (early 1950s) his research with implanting brain stimulators in animals and humans, with much success. These implants have many positive uses, but on me, they were used for negative purposes, to keep me in a negative state of mind.

Implant with circle to indicate location

I, like so many other unwitting victims of this no-touch torture, have no choice but to tell my story in the hopes that someone will see it who might be able to help me in my plight. I was born innocent, but through the uncontrollable acts of others involved, a once loving, positive, and caring child became a negative and sad adult. When I began to get positive and more spiritual, the voices started coming through the implants. I have no idea how long I have had these implants, but they could have been subliminally influence me my whole life, for all I know. I was held in custody of the adoption agency known as Catholic Charities, for 6 weeks before my parents got custody, so I might have been implanted then. This agency has been indicted on child-trafficking charges. Catholic adoption agencies are known for selling children into slavery for mind control experiments. I find it shocking that I have been unable to get any real help so far.


As you can see from the two photos above, what I have in my ears are the same size as the RFID chips. If I could get one of them removed, I could get a serial number from it and track down who manufactured it, and who they sold it to. PLease see, “THIS IS A BILL”, at:


These days, the voices are telling me that we (targeted individuals) are just crops to them. As if we are some sort of sacrifices.

For more information on the capabilities of brain implants in the 1950s & 1960s, as demonstrated by Dr. Jose Delgado, please see the following documents online:



The use of children from orphanages for experimental programs is known by many, including those involved in these programs. For more information about how adoption agencies sell children in general, see these documents:



I experience many of the things that Allen Barker speaks about in http://targetedindividualscanada.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/allen-barkers-models-of-synthetic-telepathy/

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