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A comparison of the pin from the movie, The Hunger Games, with a pin from the Nazi Air Force.



Look how they like to mix up the symbolism. Just like the Nazi’s did with the swastika, eh?

Credit for the catch goes to youtube user, “soundwave85”, for making a video about this parallel, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ_Q115wMIA


Comments on: "Nazi Air Force Pin Looks Like Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger Games Movie" (5)

  1. Fantastic – thanks so much for revealing this. This very much confirms my findings.

  2. This is most unsettling. But not very surprising when you know how Hollyweird operates. They love to mix fact with fiction. But they do seem to have some type of admiration for the Nazi’s. Hmmmm…….I wonder why that is.

  3. Shannon said:

    The point about the Mockingjay symbol is that it isn’t an Eagle like that in the Nazi symbol…or any number of similar US symbols (the great seal for example). The mockingjay isn’t a predatory bird. The Mockingjay was (will be?) a cross between a Mockingbird (a symbol of innocence) and a Jabberjay, a genetically created bird designed by the Capital as a weapon. The Jabberjays and Mockingbirds defied the Capital to mate and produce Mockingjays, innocent creatures capable of beautiful song. Katniss became the Mockingjay, an innocent forced to fight by her love for sister and family and people, just as the Mockingjays (as Rue said) can be feisty defending their nest. People followed the Mockingjay not because she was a predator, not because she was powerful, but because she was an innocent, they saw the evil that was being done in their world through her eyes, and were roused to put an end to it.

    And the point is… just as in Katniss’s world there is a lot of evil in our world today. Will our eyes be opened?

    • The article…. showing a comparison of the mockingjay pin & the Luftwaffe pin is simply showing the similarities in the way each pin looks, regardless of what kind of bird it is, or what the mockingjay represented in the book, The Hunger Games.
      My eyes have been opened to the evils of this world, as the rest of my blog shows.
      They say ignorance is bliss. This has never been true for me. Ignorance is merely less painful than knowing the truth.

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