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Symbolic Meaning of Words & Numbers

Here are some words and numbers that should be looked at symbolically, given the way symbolism affects the human mind and spirit:

Curfew = “cure few”

Culture= “cult”ure = as in a cult, or as in a petri dish

Television= “tell-a-vision”

Graven = as past participle of “grave”, meaning “frought with danger or harm”

So are graven images merely images that are frought with danger or harm? When I look at certain trump cards of the tarot, like the Tower, the Hanged Man, and Death, for example, this seems to be the case. Please see my document: https://musicis2words.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/symbolism-mind-control-and-metaphysical-sabotage-in-relation-to-archetypal-transference-and-the-second-commandment-of-the-decalogue

Did Cain really kill Abel? Judging by their names, it seems to me that Cain was disabled. Is this some kind of a joke?

Justice = “just us” (from Jordan Maxwell)

Why is justice blind? When I need her to see the whole truth?

Government = govern= to control and ment=mind =”control of the mind” (from Michael Tsarion)

Peace = piece (piece of?) = peas

Frequency = Freak when c

Alphabet = alpha (male) bet (wager)

Bill = “be ill”

Metaphor = “meta” (above, beyond, or about) “four” (4th trump of tarot)

9= Nine = “nein” = “no”

11= Eleven = El (a name of God) even = 11th trump of various tarot decks (research them: in most, it means “justice”, while in one deck, it means “lust”). 11th sphere of cabala is supposed to represent “knowledge”, but it is often missing from the cabbalistic tree. So does 9/11 equate to “no justice”, or “no knowledge”???? Did all those people die as blood sacrifices to empower some desire?

12= tw elve (elves?)

Music= mu (12th letter of greek alphabet) & sic (“as intentionally so written”) = muse sick

I have heard some people say “Obama nation”… sounds like “abomination”???

There’s more to come…….


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