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Who Owns the News?

When considering any of the cases now being broadcasted about people (like Miriam Carey) who suddenly “lose it” & either gun down a bunch of people, or put bombs in their cars, or drive crazy with a baby in the car, or whatever the news story you happen to be watching is TELLING YOU.. one thing must be considered…


How many times have you heard that phrase in your lifetime, in relation to some story that doesn’t make sense?

Consider the source“.

The news media… and who owns them anyway? Who’s perspective are we getting & just what, exactly, is their angle?

In the case of people like Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, James Holmes, and I’m sure many others, they were most likely targeted individuals. There are many TIs out there. Most of them are: people who stood up for human rights, tried to live “off the grid”, began to notice the gross injustices in society, were nonconsensual human experimentees, or were dissidents of some sort.

So far, all the news media, about the Capitol Hill incident allegedly involving Miriam Carey, never actually shows her in the car. Even if they did, there is still no way for us to know the truth of the situation. For all we know, the “witnesses” were paid to make those statements. Just search “paid actors sandy hill” if you want to see some real lying going on in the news media.

Just like the history books, we only know what we’re told… which is not necessarily the truth, since history is written by the winners.

So… who really owns the news media?

From my research… it goes something like this:

GE (using front company Comcast)

Time Warner

Walt Disney

Rupert Murdoch



Do you think these megalomaniac conglomerate companies really care about the truth?

I just don’t buy it anymore. Whether we like it or not… people are set up for crimes they didn’t commit.

I’m just saying it is something that should be considered. No matter what is done to me as a “TI”, I will never attempt to take another life.






Was Aaron Alexis a TI?

Like James Holmes in Aurora, Aaron Alexis shot & killed 12 people. Unlike Holmes, but like Adam Lanza in Newtown, Alexis was also killed. I guess there will be no interviewing him to get his side of the story. It’s not like we get to hear anything from Holmes either, though.

He is reported to have complained about hearing voices & feeling vibrations in his body. He was reported to he been on psych meds. He was also reported to have had some violent crimes in his past. I’m sure there are plenty of facts we are not told, however.

I am a TI, suffering from similar things, but while I may get angry about what is happening to me, I would never pick up a gun & kill anyone. I don’t own any guns, anyway. When I get angry about what is so cruelly being done to me and other nonconsensual human experimentees, I usually get some exercise, read a book, look at something funny, or do some housework. Does that make me any better than these other Targeted Individuals who end up going postal? No, just more in control, thankfully.

Could the psych meds make the difference in whether or not a TI becomes a killer?

Thankfully, I’m not on psych meds. I stopped taking them when I realized they don’t work. Which means, in all likelihood, I am not schizophrenic. Chances are Aaron Alexis wasn’t schizophrenic either, just a targeted individual who “went postal”. Kind of sheds a whole new light on the phrase “going postal“, doesn’t it?

If Aaron Alexis wasn’t actually suffering from a psychiatric problem, & instead, was being targeted by some one with a malefic purpose, then those people who pushed him into this mess are fully responsible for what happened. I mean, what if he was a human guinea pig? What if he had brain implants, ala Dr. Jose Delgado’s research into brain stimulation? Will they do an autopsy? If they do, would they release the results? Would the corporate-owned news media ever tell the whole truth to the American public?

That is, unless it is all just another big acting job by the corporate owned news media. I mean, if this man was really complaining about hearing voices, was on psych meds, and had a violent criminal history, how was he allowed to be at a Naval facility in D.C.? Something smells fishy regarding this whole situation, as it does in the cases of Adam Lanza & James Holmes.

I think the whole idea of a “Manchurian Candidate” is a ruse. I think it is a set up. I think the so-called “Manchurian Candidate” is a person who is more likely framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Like Lee Harvey Oswald, for example. At least the public was able to hear that man actually say that he was a patsy. But that was before the media got owned.

If you are a TI… take care. Don’t go to the psychiatrists, as they won’t help you, & it will only allow them to pin some bogus crime on you later. Don’t lash out at people, since you never know exactly who is behind what is happening to you. Just do your best to survive & see if you can visualize kicking their collective arses in the astral realm.

And remember… anything you learn from the corporate media is merely the stuff you are allowed to know, & it may or may not be related to the truth.


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