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11/2/12: “We Can’t Protect You Anymore”

11/2/2012: Update from a torture victim


Just heard a voice say, “We can’t protect you anymore”. I am forced to wonder what in the world the voice was referring to, because over the past four years I have been tortured physically via what they are calling “soft kill” and “slow kill”, as well as electronic harassment, and voices coming through these implants in front of each of my ears. I am wondering when I was being protected anyway. Was it when I was born and sold into slavery through a Catholic agency that has been indicted on child-trafficking charges? Maybe I was being ‘protected’  when I was implanted with these RFID chips in my ears, used to influence my psyche, and ruin my spirit, throughout my life (proof of implants at: https://musicis2words.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/implantvictim)

Was it when my mother was telling me to “eat shit and die”? Was it when she left me alone in the crib to scream and cry until I passed out from exhaustion? How about when I was drowned at 3 years old? Perhaps the voice was referring to when I was exposed to my mother smoking 3 packs a day in front of my face, or when she used to drag me to smoke-filled bowling alleys for years. Maybe I was protected when I was left alone to raise myself through most of my childhood. Could it be that I was being protected when I was being called stupid every other day by my mom? Was I being protected when my brother wrapped me up in that blanket and tossed me down the stairs, when I was around 5 years old? Was I being protected when I was raped at 16 by a 21 year old man? How about when I was trying to get treated for a chronic stomach ache and the doctor decided to give me a pelvic exam, leaving the speculum in for 45 minutes while he took off (when he finally finished the exam about an hour after it started, he asked me, “Are we still friends?”), to go to lunch? Was I being protected then?

So when were these so-called protectors actually protecting me anyway?

I know it couldn’t have been very recent, because I have been suffering more lately than I ever have in my life. In fact, what is happening to me feels like a slow type of murder.

I am in constant physical pain in my privates, while I am now suffering from attacks of induced heart palpitations, burning in localized areas of my body, and severe itching to the point of me breaking the skin from scratching so much. Sometimes, I get the sensation that the wind has been knocked out of me. I have even had localized pain in my back, going straight through into my chest and lung. These are all symptoms commonly associated with microwave and electromagnetic radiation, judging from what I have read online.

So again, I must ask, what exactly was I being protected from? What happens now is anyone’s guess.

The fact that my nickname online, musicis2words, represents the words mu as the “12th letter of the Greek alphabet”, and the word sic meaning “as intentionally so written”, and the fact that I have recently seen a youtuber who calls himself, “ignoramusky” (ignore-a-mu-ski), tells me that there is some serious cointelpro going on in my case. I am disgusted by it and those who are willing to torture people simply because we are some part of a sick and disgusting experiment of death and destruction.

Please, what do they want from me? If any perpetrator is reading this, please tell me what you want from me? I mean, since I keep getting blamed for being the cause of what has been happening to me throughout my life, I have to ask, “what is it I could do differently to stop you people from murdering me?”


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