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If you were a Vampire/Monarch program of culling humanity

This is not a pretty document. If you are squeamish, please do not read it. There is a reason why I am being told that “we are just crops”.

If you were a vampire, what would be the best way to ensure your survival? By growing your food, using mind control to keep it down, so it cannot become successful enough to support itself, and stays somewhat dependent. I believe that this is why the population is allowed to get to a certain size, but is then culled. It forces the slaves to produce so much for the masters, until they cannot bear the emotional abuse anymore, and then are fed off of energetically. Consider the name of the main protagonist in the “Twilight” movies, Edward Cullen.

I have read that at least 75% of targets are female. I believe this is due, in part, to the female’s nurturing nature, but also to the tendency for females have a more holistic point of view, as compared to men, who are more able to focus, and thereby more able to resist.

It has become evident to me that the Monarch Program, and MK Ultra are programming techniques used in the culling of our population. By sensitizing subjects to the programming, it is then used against them, to destroy the psyche, which makes it easier to then destroy the body. Observing animals in nature, especially vultures, exposes what I like to call the “TI crop theory” as a possibility. After speaking with multiple targeted people, and learning that so many are adoptees, and that many are aware of their own mindcontrol programming, whereby they were set up by a process called “love-bombing” before they were then mentally tortured with the removal of that “love”. It seems to me, considering the way most victims feel as if there own family is involved, that we are living in a world of cannibals, who feed off eachother like vampires.

I am forced to wonder how many of us were made victims at birth, as if the adoptive parents are paid to treat the adoptee as second rate, in preparation for a future of being targeted. When I was growing up, I was largely left alone by my adoptive parents. Doing this puts the child at an emotional deficit, making it easier to mentally abuse and/or manipulate them later on. By mentally and possibly physically abusing a human being, you progressively beat down their self-esteem, making it easier for weapons, such as voice-to-skull weapons and electromagnetic radiation, to affect the mental and physical organism of the victim, respectively. It goes against the theory of natural selection because the technique forces a person to be emotionally weak, depressed, with a low self-esteem, thereby unnaturally handicapping them, long before the actual killing begins. This technique of keeping the victim down throughout life, creates a situation of shooting fish in a barrel, or killing deer in a pen.

Adding to their technique of subtle mistreatment of the victim in childhood (so the abuse cannot be proven), is the metaphysical techniques of occult magic being done in the background, done in order to orchestrate the whole life of the subject, in such a way that the subject is never allowed to flourish in life, additionally handicapping them in an artificial way. The parents can then enforce guilt onto the adult child for not being a success, further breaking down the psyche. How else can someone be assured of winning a game unless that game has been fixed well in advance?

Sometime in childhood or adulthood, a traumatic event will occur, which will further destroy the mind of the victim. In my case, it happened when I was having a surgery, under general anesthetic, whereby my mother was holding me down as my gynecologist used some horrible instrument on me in my vagina. The memory of it came to me as a flashback, wherein I could hear the sound of the instrument, the sound of my mother’s voice, and the sound of my own screams. The trauma not only came out later, in the form of vulvodynia (which is often caused by trauma), but the pain is now constant and has helped to ruin my life, making it much easier for others to suck off my energy.

This is an ongoing blog… more to come.


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