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Unwitting Victim Needs Attorney

To whom it may Concern:
I am the unwitting victim of implantation with some foreign body, imbedded in front of my ears. These implants are very provable, can be seen by the naked eye, and felt with touch. They were put in without my consent. I believe they are RFID chips (also known as “Real ID”), because of their size, and because of what has been happening to me over the past few years. I am hearing voices through them, as well as what I can only describe as percussive impacts. Now I feel a buzzing sensation through them. I am currently under psychiatric evaluation/care as a result of the voices that I have never experienced in my entire life, until 2008. Schizophrenia is commonly diagnosed in one’s teens or early twenties, and is generally not known to manifest in a person’s forties. In an effort to show proof of the implants, here are two photos (of left and right ears), with a diagram of a cochlear implant:



Implant on left side with circle to indicate location








I am concerned about what motives have been involved in this. My brother has told me of an inheritance of 5million dollars, which we are to split, resulting from a tobacco lawsuit, in which my deceased mother was involved. I am not sure if my brother is involved in what has been happening to me, but he got me to sign over power of attorney to my mother’s estate when I was suffering from these voices, which made me believe that God was speaking to me. By getting me labeled as mentally ill, this crime occurring against me caused me to be easily discredited. However, I can absolutely prove these implants exist, but I am finding it impossible to get any help. I now find myself the victim of constant pain, which could be caused by these chips, which has created a disability in itself. I recently attempted to get disability because of what has been happening to me, but was denied. Up until now, I have been afraid to mention these implants for fear of backlash, but I sincerely believe they need to be removed and examined. If I could at least get a serial numRFIDRiceFingersComparisonber from one of them, I might be able to track down who is responsible.

For more information on the use of implants and when it began, please see the following two articles, proving that the technology has existed for much longer than most people realize:

http://www.skewsme.com/implants.html  and  http://www.wireheading.com/delgado/brainchips.pdf

For more information on the technology involved, please see the following article:


In Missouri, a bill was actually introduced regarding the situation that I, and many others, are experiencing:


I am writing to you to ask you if you know if there is anything I can do about this. These implants were possibly imbedded during a surgery I had done for cervical dysplasia, under general anesthetic, in 2004, but may have been there since I was an infant, in custody of Catholic Charities for the first six weeks of my life. Since I never felt pain in the areas where my implants are, I am forced to conclude that I have been the unwitting victim of a horrible experiment. Since many unwitting experimentees are from orphanages and foster homes, I am forced to conclude that this may have happened to me. This country has a sad history of using children from orphanages, and other adoptees in criminal experiments.

I cannot blame Catholic Charities directly, because I can no longer find the article where I saw that they were indicted for child trafficking, although I did see it in a news story on television. Since I cannot back up the claim with any proof, I cannot make the claim.

That being said, most people who have done any research on children who are used in experiments are frequently from orphanages. Also, there are many speakers on the subject of mind control who I have heard mention that people sell their own children into experimentation programs. It also must be noted that many targeted individuals that I know are adopted or were in foster homes.


I implore you to help me in this. If I were to receive my share of the awarded monies to my mother’s estate, or if I were to receive an award from whoever is responsible for implanting me, I would not need disability.
Unwitting Victim


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