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Manipulation of Handedness in Childhood

The Manipulation of a Persons Handedness in Childhood:

Has anyone noticed that we live in a world that seems backwards? For example, many complain that our educational system does not foster real education. Our children come out of this system knowing the bare minimum. Religious leaders and organizations are indicted for doing things that, far from spiritual, are actually perverted, like child-trafficking, for instance. Via the Patriot Act, our “land of the free, home of the brave” has become a “land of the meek, home of the enslaved”. All the way down the line, to the so-called “truth movement”, this backwardness has manifested itself in those who say they espouse the truth, but then have nothing to say when a victim of child-trafficking shows up, or when an MK Ultra victim tries to tell their story in the hopes of getting some legal help.

How did we get this way? People in the US have stood by and watched as a certain president said that the Constitution, the very document that showed we have inalienable rights as individuals, is “just a god-damned piece of paper”, because he had no regard for the rights of American’s civil rights and liberties. In fact, the system in power has no regard for human beings in general, as evidenced by the fact that GMOs are allowed by the FDA, that victims & whistleblowers of corporate crime are often silenced and/or discredited, or that so many people have become targeted individuals for a black ops campaign running rampant in our country, among way too many other things to list here.

I believe that it might, in part, have something to do with the way most people are made to write and do other things with the right hand, regardless of their natural inclination. Is it possible that there was a purpose for this? Could it be that those in power saw how an individual’s natural potential could be inhibited by inverting them in this way, and that they would be more easily controlled, by making them right-handed? Is it possible that most people might even be naturally left-handed? Is this just one more way that people have been manipulated to create confusion in the psyche of the general population?

Does doing this to a child invert them on multiple levels? Does it affect the psyche/spirit? I have often heard it said that the word “live” spelled backwards is “evil”. Could it be that some people’s bad behavior could be caused by this inversion, especially when taken in combination with trauma & TV flicker-rate induced trance?

One way to find out which hemisphere of your rain is dominant is to try to see which eye seems to have more sight, and is therefore dominant. If you can see more with your left eye than your right, then chances are that you are right-brained. Those who are right-brained are usually, naturally left-handed. Try looking at your nose, without crossing your eyes. Which eye to you see your nose with?

Studies in stroke victims have shown how a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain has effects on the right side of the body, indicating a general control of one hemisphere over the opposite side of the body. Is it possible that forcing someone to be right-handed, against their natural inclination, can psychologically take someone out of their “right mind”, so to speak? Could it invert them? Pervert them?

I say this because I distinctly remember the time when I was being taught to write. My natural, God-given tendency was to write with the left hand, but the girl teaching me to write, told me it would be evil for me to write left-handed. Endeavoring to be good, I learned to be right-handed, against my natural inclination. I feel that it had a butterfly effect on my life (chaos theory), causing me to become very negative, when I was originally, a very positive child. Could it be that, by forcing someone who is left-handed to be right-handed, one is changing their natural “polarity”, so to speak? In my own experience, I have noticed that those who were born left dominant, but were made to be right-handed, have had a tendency to allow frustration to influence them to give up more easily than those who were allowed to remain left-handed.

I am forced to also consider the system of the chakras in regards to someone’s natural polarity. I contend that it is possible to change the natural directions of someone’s chakras by changing their natural handedness. This could be why a child who is originally very positive and outgoing may end up very negative over a period of time, unable to correct the balance of their chakras, because they have not been armed with the knowledge of how to do so, until their negativity has already been so deeply ingrained in them. Once a person realized how the forced change of their natural handedness was involved in changing their overall outlook in life, it would take a great deal of work to correct this.

When considering this, I ask the reader to please also consider the fact that America is generally a right-handed country. For example, can-openers, writing paper, our cars and roads, I also ask you to consider the various meaning of the word “right”, and how it can become a bias in the mind. Left-handers are often called “south paws” which indicates the old belief that being left-handed was a sign of the devil. It could just be that those who are left-handed have had to persevere in learning to write, giving them an advantage over those who had it easier when they were learning to write, impelling some to think that this was the work of the devil.

Have you ever noticed the symbolism (both visual & phonetic) in our language regarding right and left? Right wing vs. left wing; right vs. wrong; right brain vs. left brain. We live in a world of duality, which causes a perception of the world being made up of only opposites: yin and yang, black and white, good and evil, bad guys and good guys; and there seems to be no room for the grey areas. So if right means correct then what does left automatically get associated with in the subconscious mind? For example, most people say the word “right” for the meaning of being “correct”. Is it any wonder that right wing laws, curtailing human rights and freedoms, have been allowed to pass in America?

From Wikipedia: “In his book Right-Hand, Left-Hand,[34] Chris McManus of University College London argues that the proportion of left-handers is increasing and left-handed people as a group have historically produced an above-average quota of high achievers. He says that left-handers’ brains are structured differently in a way that increases their range of abilities, and the genes that determine left-handedness also govern development of the language centres of the brain.”

With that in mind, is it possible that those with an agenda to demonize the left hand have a specific purpose in mind in doing this?

I was very artistic as a child, and grew up to go to art school, because I was creative, indicating a dominant right hemisphere. I even was awarded a scholarship and an exhibit in the gallery at my school. However, because I was forced to be right-handed against my natural inclination, I lacked the ability to persevere, the ability to complete projects, a sense of balance, and so many other things. I have noticed this effect in another person I know who was left-inclined, but taught to be right-handed. He was a musician, who played well, but could never seem to complete a song he was writing. An interesting side-note about this is that, like me, he also has the 12 vibration in his date of birth. For more information on the curse of that number in relation to one’s birthdate, please see the following document: “Symbolism, Mind Control, and Metaphysical Sabotage in Relation to Archetypal Transference and the Second Commandment of the Decalogue”.

What this shows us, is that the human mind is a complicated organ, and that we are indeed individuals. It only would make sense to carefully watch a child while learning to write, to allow that child to discover which hand is naturally dominant, before imposing one’s preconceived notions onto that child. If you don’t, you might be dooming that child to an inverted form of living, robbing of their natural gifts.

I base the aforementioned conclusions on observation, research, & my own personal experience. Forcing a person to be right-handed, against their natural inclination, is a subtle but effective form of manipulation that alters a person’s natural being, inverting them from what they were intended to be. Like many other subjects I’ve written about in this blog, it is just another method of mind control which has been used with so many other methods to destroy the goodness in our world.


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