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Pyramid Scheme

In our world right now, there actually is no shortage & no real reason to engineer the genocide that has been occurring through multiple methods for the past 50 to 100 years. The shortage has been contrived & all of the wealth is in the hands of the banksters (at the top of the pyramid), who have the largest carbon footprint, yet try to make the masses feel guilty for theirs.
As the elites at the top of the pyramid kill off those at the bottom (debt slaves) with the myriad of technologies at their disposal, including vaccines, abortion, drugs, soft-kill, and much more, those who are one level up from the current victims will be next, & on up until there is only 1/8th of the pyramid left because the top 1 or 2 percent have gotten their slaves to make the machines that will do all the work needed to sustain them.
It is the ultimate pyramid scheme.
This is what perpetraitors (who will be next once they’ve killed their targets) of high tech gang stalking, electronic harassment, & gaslighting do not understand……………….
The saddest part is, that had the wealthy & powerful (who pretty much have stolen their wealth through the ages, btw) actually allowed all human beings to live up to their true potential, their insidious plan of multi-tiered genocide would not be needed for them to be content.
My only comfort is in the knowledge of the fact that this whole mess the elites have caused will ultimately come back to bite them in the ass, because they will eventually be forced to feed on themselves once they’ve killed the rest of us off. Or maybe the machines they’ve used the slaves to manufacture will destroy them.
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Comments on: "Pyramid Scheme" (3)

  1. The elites use trauma-based mind control on their own family members to further their overall agenda, too. Also, it seems that, at the higher levels within secret societies and other occult belief systems, blood sacrifice is required. Its truly dumbfounding how they have no regard for life in their quest for immortality and the delusion of becoming gods.

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