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Your Carbon Footprint

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of those talking about the individual carbon footprint of a human being? Have you ever noticed how it is often someone with money (Al Gore for example), power and/or political clout who is on television, telling you about the notorious carbon footprint?

Who has the larger carbon footprint, anyway? Is it the person who is in the audience, watching the broadcast, who has limited funds & may ride the bus to work, or is it the person who has a private jet and/or limousine, & has maybe two or three people in his family, but lives in a multi-million dollar mansion?

Don’t forget that it is the greedy corporations/wealthy elites who caused the individual carbon footprint to become larger than it would be naturally. They use subliminal messaging in advertising to make people consume more than they normally would. They utilize the trance effect caused by the flicker-rate (aka refresh-rate) in television to affect the subconscious mind. They play upon the various levels of PTSD that almost every American is laboring under, which causes the insecurity that leads to increased consumerism, which in turn, leads to more profits for them.

Let me clarify here: Trauma (whether directly or indirectly experienced) causes insecurity & insecurity causes people to become more needy, which then leads to an increase in consumption of a variety of things. As a result of all the trauma people are exposed to through the news, or through being born in a hospital, or through events in infancy and/or early childhood, people end up with a problem in the psyche (spirit) which causes them to consume and waste more than they would had they not been traumatized in the first place.

Trauma, when taken in combination with TV’s flicker-rate trance & post-hypnotic suggestions through subliminals in television programming & advertising, has an incredible effect on the subconscious mind, making people become shopaholics, or live beyond their means to fund that new car every couple of years. Could this be due in part to post-hypnotic suggestion and insecurities caused by trauma? How about other types of addiction? TVMC

They mess with your psyche by creating unnatural insecurities & then playing upon those insecurities in their advertising, either directly or subliminally.

So, those who cause you to be more of a consumer than you would be naturally (the wealthy elites who benefit from your insecurities) are now blaming you, the individual, for the increased carbon footprint they caused you to have.

Ludicrous, isn’t it?


“The Great Subliminal Message Deception – Full Documentary” (this gives examples of how the subconscious mind is manipulated in advertising and propaganda)

“Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television: The Effects of Watching TV” (this explains flicker-rate hypnosis)

“How Carbon Footprints Work”

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Comments on: "Your Carbon Footprint" (2)

  1. Simple but to the point. It just shows that the victim is often the one taking the blame.

    • Thanx. I guess it goes along with the “problem, reaction, solution” idea, although I am sure it is more complicated than that.

      But many will say that the consumer is not the victim… they won’t even admit that mind control exists, or they will say that people have some defense against it, or tout that oft quoted, “silent equals consent” crap.

      Let’s face it, consent (& consumerism) is manufactured through mind control, using trauma, tv flicker-rate hypnosis, & post hypnotic suggestion(which is why I wrote the article “Trauma & It’s Effects on the Psyche”).

      So what defense does a being have if this is used on them straight from birth? None. A child’s mind is like a sponge, after all, & it has no defenses against this shit.

      The story that people won’t do anything that goes against their will under hypnosis is bullshit, & was put out there to get the public to join in on blaming the victim, which I believe they will eventually come to realize, once they are on the receiving end of that equation.

      So ultimately, the blame falls on the puppet master – period.

      Nice email addy, btw.

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