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Why is Justice Blind?

I’m bumping this post up for those of you interested in how archetypal transference effects reality.


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Why Is Justice Blind?

If you were completely foreign to the meme, “justice is blind“, how would you view that statement or its associated archetype? Would you not find the idea of justice that cannot see as strange?

While I have covered this particular meme in other documents about Archetypal Transference, I wanted to address it specifically in a document that is shorter & therefore easier to read.

The phrase “justice is blind“, is said to mean that justice is impartial, or that it is not biased, but I strongly disagree. The latter phrase is only two more syllables than the former. Is it really that much harder to say “justice is impartial”? How about “justice is fair“? Wouldn’t that last phrase be more accurate if one was trying to imply hat justice was “impartial”?

I believe the phrase “justice is…

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Comments on: "Why is Justice Blind?" (2)

  1. strangelife88 said:

    Hi Mu cas here. How are you?

    • I’m still alive… hanging in there, I suppose. How are you doing?

      I sent you an email a while back because my computer got all locked up & I lost your video showing your implants. I was hoping you might resend it to me.

      How are things going for you? I am still going through the same stuff.

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