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This is an excerpt from an article called, “Brave Mad World: The Control of Mind and Body” by Douglas Chapman


“People who believe they have been targeted by mind control technologies have often been been met with skepticism or outright disbelief. However, recent revelations concerning very real ongoing scientific research by the government, coupled with technologies under development in the private sector, make it harder than ever to completely dismiss these claims. Reliable information accessible on the Internet suggests that what they think is happening to them may actually be possible, either now or in the near future.

“Many of us already have devices inside us — from pacemakers and artificial hearts to replacement joints. Now there is technology under development that could affect the mind and body from the outside, in disturbing, even maddening, ways — from putting sounds in people’s heads to microwaving them from within. The limits of thought and human physiology have been much extended.

“There are also many documented cases of government abuse of unsuspecting citizens, often in the name of research. Political activists and others who upset the status quo have long known that government surveillance, at least under certain circumstances, is a reality.

“Against this background, a subculture of individuals claim that sinister devices are being used on them, possibly by the government. If these machines are real, it would be difficult to separate the people who are mentally troubled from those who have been victimized. Few weapons, once developed, have not been abused. Even the “non-lethal” ones designed to incapacitate, like tasers, have been used to kill. Mind/body devices sometimes fall under this heading and can change a subject’s very concept of reality, which can be uneasy at the best of times.”


The rest of this article can be found here: http://www.strangemag.com/braveworldmindcontrol.html


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  1. Reblogged this on SWORD OF TRUTH and commented:
    This is a known fact by those who have done the research. People look at those as crazy, but, they are likely more awake then the general public. What is hitting blogs, alternative headlines is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these technologies. They are much more advanced then we really know.

  2. I am so getting tired of this my ears feel like they are going to blow off the side of my head. The frequencies are so high now, there has been no break in between the intensities. It is either a constant low humming or a very high humming 24/7. I hear it all the time cause I don’t watch TV and do not have other noise distractions going on.

    • It is pretty awful for me too. I suffer every day from what is done to me using this technology.

      What is sad is that these technologies can be & have been used to benefit people.. those who chose to use it for nefarious purposes must be held accountable & liable for not only what it is doing to the people suffering from it, but also for what it causes people to do. Those orchestrating this madness are karmically responsible for the results.

    • Do you get synthetic telepathy also?

      • are you referring to like how you described in your video(game show) I get some things but I rebuke them. I have grown accustomed to analyzing what I am thinking and if it is not of the Lord I rebuke it. Throw it out. There are others who are hearing this constant hum so I know I am not alone.

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