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The Million Dollar Pyramid: Stalking by Proxy Editionmilliondollarpyramidstalking

Cue Music…. Lights, Camera, Action…

Presenter:  “Ok now, you & your partner will have 60 seconds on the clock to give clues & guess what the answer is for each of the six triangles in our pyramid on “stalking by proxy”. Are you ready?”

Contestant:  “I sure am!”

Presenter: “Allrighty then…. Start…. Now!”


Partner: “Innuendo, Mobbing, Directed Conversation, Vandalism, wrong number phone calls, street theatre….”

Contestant: “Um… things perpetraitors do in public to traumatize the target!”


Partner: “Directed Energy Weapons… Microwave Radiation…Voice to Skull…. Implants..”

Contestant: “Technology involved in high tech slaking by proxy!”


Partner: “We love you…. We need you…. We want you to be happy….. You deserve better….”

Contestant:  “Um… Things perpetraitors say during the “love-bombing” phase of targeting?”


Partner: “Um… You’re being killed, liquidated, deleted, consolidated…. You’re just food to us…. You’re being framed…. You’re going to jail…. You’re going to hell….”

Contestant: “Verbal fear tactics used to psychologicaly traumatize the target!”


Partner: “Hmm… umm…. If you just stop talking about it, this will stop…. If you stop your activism, we won’t do this anymore…. You should lay low. ”

Contestant: “Is it…. Lies perps tell to make the target think there is a way out???”


Partner: “You deserve it….  Serves you right….. You’re evil….. You’re the devil…. You’re a demon…. You’re a liar…. It’s your karma… You’re sick…. You’re a bad parent…. You’re racist…. You’re a bum…. You’re a whore….. You’re a communi-.”

Contestant: “Things perpetraitors say to justify torturing the target!”


Presenter: “Here’s a bonus question for you to earn an extra million.” (hands a folded piece of paper to the partner)

Partner: “Nonconsensual human experimentees…. Ritual Abuse victims…. Human rights advocates… People against corruption…”

Contestant: “Groups that victims of stalking by proxy often come from!!!”

Partner: “YES!!! YAY!!!

*ding ding ding ding ding ding ding*

(Audience cheers)

dollarpyramidPresenter: “You did it! You’ve won a million dollars plus the bonus round!! Congratulations!!!

Contestant & Partner get up and hug each other… Contestant jumps up & down… Balloons & streamers fall.

(Music plays)


Comments on: "The Million Dollar Pyramid: Stalking by Proxy Edition" (7)


    • Hey.. I think my other articles clearly detail which side I’m on.

      I wrote that article while pissed off about my horrifying circumstances. The subject matter was inspired by the title of the following video:

      After being tortured in this way for over 5 years now, I have studied the technology involved, I get voice to skull whether through implants or some other technology, I see the street theatre, get dirty looks & rude innuendos from total strangers, etc., etc.

      I did that pyramid thing because I was letting off some steam about the issue.

      I am being physically & emotionally tortured. Which side do you think I’m on.

      After 5 years, I am becoming quite jaded.

  2. understand God gave you free will. No matter what dark evil wants to convince you other wise. God is speaking to you now with your awakened understanding of your past. You are so loved by him…I felt the grace of knowledge you were presenting in the video you gave me to watch. I want you to understand how God is here in one’s life when they let him in…bond with him through love….he has been whispering in your ear all along but you might not hear Him because of the other disturbances; you need to turn and face him with love and receive his in return. I have a strong compassion for what you are going through and you do not deserve the abuse. I pray you will see some relief from this soon!

    • Thank you for your kindness. Since you’ve been on my channel… when you have the time, please take a look at my video called, “Letter to God & Caring People”.

      Thank you for praying for me. I need all the help I can get!

  3. Yes I watched your video.. I want you to know that children do not really have a free will until they become mature enough to make decisions. I believe you when you say what they did and it is atrocious, but God already knows and what you are doing now is you are getting your free will back by speaking out. Say the Lords prayer in the morning and at night that is a start. If you don’t know it go to my home page and it is under prayers and what the prayer means it is actually a petition and takes care of all of your needs. The site I messaged to you on YT will also help, Let me know and Lord Father in Heaven,by the blood of your great Son Jesus/Yahshua …She is one of your lost sheep the little lamb that was left to all the atrocities that were inflicted on her as a child and growing up. My King she needs your Love and she needs your guidance.. She has come back to you and I ask that she be delivered from any and all curses set upon her through magic and send them back to the ones that are inflicting this pain. I rebuke these spirits every one of them and LORD Father in Heaven you know who they are .. I bind them and chain them into the abyss they go until judgement day when you my glorious King of all creation will pass judgement on those. She has forgiven her tormentors it is time she is given the key to the cell door so she can be freed and delivered.. I thank you my LORD and KING for hearing my prayer and I give you all the Honor Glory and Praise in Yahshua’s precious and Holy Name! Amen

  4. Thank you so much for reposting this. I had someone say that I must be a gangstalker to have posted this article… this article is what I’ve back-engineered based on what I go through every day.

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