A site examining metaphysical forensics & the manipulation of thought

In this country, we have been raised with certain information that has been held as knowledge, facts, or truth. We’ve even been taught some of this information in school. Then, we find out that “new studies refute the previous claim that…”

This is a tool for confusion.

Recently, I saw a news item declaring that the concept of “right brain & left brain” has been refuted by a new study.

Before that, I saw a news item telling us that bananas aren’t good for people.

Before that, I saw a trend in websites about the chakras, stating that the will is located in the throat chakra, when all along it had been assigned as the province of the solar plexus chakra, as shown in books & websites on the subject, which I had been studying back in 2006-2008.

What does this tell me? That they change what is truth as it suits them.  Who are “they”? Those reaping the most benefits from manipulating information.

Whenever examining a study that refutes some previous claim, or any so-called scientific study for that matter, one must examine who funded these studies and who benefits the most from the conclusions of such studies.

And remember, the medical community (doctors) used to tell people that smoking was good for you!


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