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Regarding Mind Control and Targeted Individuals:

RFIDRiceFingersComparisonSome people say the government is responsible for what is happening to Targeted Individuals. Some say aliens are responsible. Some people say it is demonic in nature & accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior is the only way to find relief. Some say this phenomena is “cause stalking” by a group of people who have judged the victim in absentia. Even still, there are those people, like some bloggers, who say it is something like “a godlike entity manipulating humanity”. I even read where one blogger overheard his handlers referring to him as “the sacrifice“.

As a victim of this, it becomes very difficult to know what the actual truth is. I am harassed with voices, directed conversation, pain, some sort of radiation hits in the chest, crotch, head, to the point where I honestly don’t understand what is happening. I am not alone in this, as I have read & seen many other victims of this horrendous crime speak out about the exact same things. One begins to wonder if God is really a cruel entity allowing these things to go on, or worse, causing them, which is something I really don’t want to believe. If I am wrong about this, then I beg forgiveness, but I am confused about this issue.

RightSideImplantThis confusion may be done on purpose to make it impossible for the actual target to ever understand the whole truth Delgadobehind what is going on. In my case, however, the very visible & obvious implants in my ears make it all to clear that someone has been controlling me throughout my life. Since it is well-known that Dr. Jose Delgado was doing his research into brain stimulation with implants back in the 1950s & for at least 20 years, it is not hard to imagine that I might’ve been sold into this “program” as a baby, through adoption. I have noticed that there is a predominance of adoptees & foster kids who are victims, who blog & vlog about this horrible situation. This is telling.

I’m so sorry for those who are suffering through this. No one deserves it, especially when you consider the overarching problem at the root of all of this. The problem that I see is that mind control has been happening on some level, for centuries at least. Mind control, by definition, removes freewill, & there are many ways in which mind control is used to subtly influence people. The flicker rate of tv & movies alone is enough to hypnotize people, especially children. Any subliminal messages in movies or television, such as hidden symbolism, access the subconscious mind directly, especially while people are in a trance. It is the manipulation of the human mind, which again, removes freewill.

It does seem that trauma plays a role in how much of an impact mind control has on an individual. It is now professionally recognized that adoption is a trauma for the baby, so it stands to reason that being placed in foster care, or any separation of a child from it’s natural parents would then also be traumatic. What about other traumas that occur in infancy & early childhood? Like the near drowning at 3 years old, cited by so many ritual abuse victims? How about circumcision at birth? What about the onslaught of tests, immunizations, goo in the eyes, separation from mother, endured by most newborns born in hospitals? Could it be that these early traumas have a purpose beyond what is stated regarding the reasons for what is cited above?

TVMCAn adoptee, I grew up with TV as my main babysitter, as did many people who are my age. We were totally brainwashed. I can only imagine how many veterans (who were programed to be heroes, via TV & movies) are now being mentally harassed, blamed for everything they might’ve done during wartime. I say this because I know that I am constantly blamed for things in my past, even though it is clear that I never truly had freewill in my life, do to the many ways in which I was affected by mind control.

I have observed multiple ways a “system” can exert mind control over it’s population:

1) Religion– Religion has a long history of being used to control the masses. Children are brought up in a religion & know nothing else. Most of these religions are pagan in origin, but vehemently deny that fact, & then carry on with obvious pagan traditions. This would naturally cause a conflict in a child’s mind. The bible warns that “Christians would be persecuted in the so-called “end times”. Is it a coincidence that I know a fellow TI who’s name is “Christian”? I doubt it.

2) Education– The educational system in the US especially, has a specific slanted point of view. If a child does not internalize this point of view, they end up with poor grades & labeled as losers.

3) Parenting– Parents have a specific point of view & want their children at least to understand it, but some parents enforce their point of view on their children. But worse than this is the fact that some parents simply leave their kids alone most of the time, only giving negative attention to them. This is a form of negative programming.

4) Media (TV, movies, music, talk radio, etc.)- Growing up with the mass media, I can attest to the fact that it shaped my beliefs, especially since I had negative programming from my own parents, & was mostly left alone by them. Television was my primary baby sitter. There are subliminals in movies & television to be sure, but also in music. Some messages are in the form of cleverly hidden artwork or backwards masking, but others can be found in the themes, which get repeated over & over in multiple movies & stories viewed by adults & children alike. As I’ve seen others point out, there is a reason why they call it “television programming”. There are those who will vehemently deny that subliminal programming exists, even when it is right in your face (see
Subliminal Sex Messages and Pornography in Advertising and Cartoons
). However, the flicker rate of television & movies alone is enough to put people in a trance, especially when in front of the big-screen. Ever notice how large tv screens are these days? And why all that push for people to get HDTV even to the point of giving away free converters to people? Ever since that happened, it sure seems like things changed really quickly. It is like Orwell’s 1984, just a little bit different.

5) Language– If you take a good, hard look at the English language, you will find negative root words in many other words & proper names. I have a video on this, called “Mind Control Using Symbolism in Language and Numbers”. A couple of examples though: how many words can you find with the root words mar, war, ill, or ow in them? This attests to how society, which learns language very young, is controlled by a very negative base program. There is this symbolism inherent in our language, some of it is visual (reading), while some of it is phonetic (hearing). You might consider your own name & how you might’ve been treated by others throughout your life based on it.

6) Controlled Opposition Groups– These are groups formed with the specific intent of controlling any opposition to the “system” (i.e. cult-ure or society). They are often, but not exclusively, from other countries, coming over to the US to alert people to the existence of mind control. Then, when people begin to wake up, they are targeted by the system that wants to defend its existence. They use mind control techniques such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to give them a powerful influence on people.

7) Occult Practices– Mind Control has been going on at least since the Pharos in Egypt, but more likely, it goes back to the Druids. They’ve been using drugs & hypnotism for centuries, possibly much longer, and believe it or not, black magic & voodoo are also involved. They are pushing forth an intent to influence individuals & society as a whole, using meta-physical technologies, the knowledge of which has been passed down through their generations, the result of which has effects on the spirit of a person. Psyche comes from a Greek word referring to the spirit. Knowing the psychology of human beings allows for a greater influence over them.

8) Implants & Other Physical Technologies– When I consider the work of Nazi scientists & the fact that the US brought them to this country under “Project Paperclip” to continue their experiments, it becomes extremely difficult for me to ignore the possibility that people are actually sold into programs of mind control experimentation, sometimes by their own parents. Technologies such as brain implants (see Dr. Jose Delgado’s work in the 1950s & 60s), are used to completely wreck a person’s life or to enhance it.

The positive implications for mind control make it absolutely disgusting that they are using it to influence so many people in such negative ways. I mean, they could use it to help people quit smoking, for example, or to make people more successful & therefore allow them to make better contributions to the world. So, why wouldn’t they?

It is my theory that those who are responsible for the most intense aspects of mind control, such as implants, do actually usegoldendawn it for positive purposes, but only on pre-designated people (i.e. the ones they can control the most), while for others (the ones they deem as the “losers”), it is used to keep that class of people down. It seems that they are keeping a balance by doing this: one group is brought to new heights, while the other is brought to extreme lows.

snake_37Taking a look at a hexagram shows this in a symbolic way: one triangle pointed up, and the other pointed down. The hexagram is prominently displayed in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, & it is also used in Theosophy. Both of these organizations, among others, are so-called “Secret Societies”, who, like the Freemasons, allow only those at the very top of the hierarchy to know the full truth of their methods & practices, and what their role is in society at large. The hexagram is only one example of a meta-physical technology.

Those who are TIs are suffering as a result of being put at the pinnacle of an upside-down triangle, while their “chosen ones” are placed at the top.

It is also my theory that the ones who are held down, throughout their lives are then used for the creative inspiration that naturally comes from this sort of oppression. This inspiration gleaned from victims ultimately shows up in TV, movies, & music, which means that there is a whole class of people benefitting from another class’ suffering. It is an unspoken, unacknowledged form of slavery that can only result in emotional issues for the unwitting victims. These issues would then cause the victim to act out in a variety of ways, throughout their lives, since on some subconscious level, they probably know that they have been covertly enslaved.

This makes the TI the ultimate muse for an elitist system that sees people as mere “human resources” to be “utilized”. Trying to get any compensation or justice for what has been done to them, simply makes them look “crazy” or schizophrenic to those who don’t understand such a thing. However, part of me wonders if maybe everyone around the victim is well justiceblindaware of the nightmare going on in front of their faces & simply refuse to acknowledge it, lest the victim have a foothold into getting any justice for what has been done. There is a reason why “justice is blind” is a well-known phrase in this world, & it has absolutely nothing to do with impartiality.

I am pretty sure that the idea of justice is now nothing more than a simulacrum of the original concept.

In my own situation, it seems that my whole life has been orchestrated, unbeknownst to me until more recently. I only just began to wake up to the situation in 2008, which is, coincidentally, the same year that I discovered I had implants in each ear. Symbolically & psychologically, my life seems to have been completely manipulated to make me negative, sad, confused, depressed, & apathetic. I have even seen how some of the more “metaphysical” technologies affected my adoptive mother’s life.

Some people would call what is happening to Targeted Individuals an affliction, but I would call it an infliction because it is inflicted on us by some other entity or entities.

When you present obvious evidence & people don’t believe you, it can be extremely frustrating. Many of the same people who admit that the powers that be are using symbolism to manipulate human beings, will then deny the possibility that a person has been manipulated in this way. Many people who admit that there is all sorts of technology being used against people will then deny that implants exist, even though Dr. Delgado’s work in brain stimulation is well-known. This seems to be by design & with the intent of driving the victim mad.

This will result in further discrediting the victim, who has most likely already had a smear campaign done against them. Those involved in these kinds of psyops (psychological operations), with the intent of destroying the victim’s life, credibility, sanity, and health, really deserve to be cursed to live the life they are consigning victims to.


Comments on: "Mind Control and the Targeted Individual" (11)

  1. Mu, you’ve done an excellent job describing this occult mind control program. I fully agree with all that you explained here. However, I would assert that anyone can know the one true God of the universe whose truths and people have been inverted and subverted by the demonic Luciferian agenda. I am convinced that its altogether supernatural to evolve through this program and heal to the point of forgiving our oppressors and accepting the undercurrent of evil on this planet. Thank you for this and for your passion to help others understand what is going on and what we targets experience. Hang in there special lady!

  2. Hey there. Thanx for caring & commenting!

    I wish I could just accept the evils of this world, since I do feel powerless to do anything about them. I wish I could forgive my oppressors, but the extent to which they’ve ruined my life from the very start makes it quite difficult for me to do this. I lean more to begging for them to suffer in similar ways to what they’ve caused. They are the ones with power & have been for ages, I’m sure, which is what allowed them to develop these physical & meta physical technologies.

    When I first began to wake up to how profoundly I have been mind controlled, I forgave, but things just got worse & worse for me anyway… also, they who are using these technologies are responsible for the lives I affected whilst under their mind control.

    Did Jesus forgive Satan who never even asked for forgiveness? I have asked for forgiveness of my own sins, over & over. Prayed to God for faith, strength, courage, & redemption, yet I feel afraid & damned. Those utilizing these implants in my head have yet to forgive me for my actions when I was younger, which were, in reality, a reaction to their programming in my life.

    I am being tortured daily with voices, directed conversation, street theatre, & some sort of technology zapping my body, especially my chest, making it harder for me to breath, making my heart race, giving me anxiety attacks, things I never experienced in my life. I am being murdered slowly because I am a witness to the unspoken form of slavery that has been in existence for far too long.

    I mean no offense to you, for I see you as a friend. I am just suffering so much & I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t want to die for these people!

  3. What do you think about the meaning and implications that “ecce homo” has in our culture? You know, a bound and tortured son of man? Look at the human.

    Seems to me symbolic of humanity’s predicament, human condition. Christ certainly symbolised humanity, otherwise he wouldn’t have been referred to as “son of man”.

    I’d say humanity is a sinking ship, perhaps forever sinking, for the sadistic pleasure and amusement of some sort of enemies of humanity who once fought a war against us and won, then enslaved us and now do this. This could be a virtual reality with real humans connected in a sort of network to the central machine that creates the reality as well as controls us.

    I don’t think there are any “handlers” or knowing human conspirators. That wouldn’t make any sense from this perspective, because that would mean there are some who have risen above being human and that’s impossible, and it’s also my experience that total mind control and paranoia are used to make strangers seem responsible or, in some cases, make them unwitting puppets and partake in some sort of evil or harmful actions without understanding what they’re doing (echoes of Christ’s observation), the same way you say you were controlled to.

    You say you don’t want to believe there’s some godlike machine or whatever, built by enemies of humanity, responsible for this, but at least to me that gives some perspective, means we’re all in this together, and makes me less paranoid about humans, partly because I understand that 99.9999% of people simply have no understanding of the truth, and this ignorance is part of the humiliation.

    An interesting topic at this point would be the psychology of sadism. Why would some race that has enslaved us so fully cause so much suffering to us, after all we can suppose they are beings capable of reason? I think you may have stumbled on the truth with that hexagram: I think they may rationalise their evil pleasures by balancing it with the good they do. But since it doesn’t make sense to torture one person and reward another for it, I think we’ll have to look for that balance in the life of the tortured, and should there be an afterlife, equally controlled (this could be a virtual reality, as I said), this too has to be taken into account.

  4. It’s said in the gospels that fortunate are the poor, the hungry, etc. for theirs will be the kingdom of heaven. This could indicate that the ones who suffer the most, will also be compensated the most. This compensation would probably take place in the hypothetical afterlife for many of us.

    Unfortunately, there’s also the reverse, the rich etc. will go to hell. They got to enjoy their lives here, so in the afterlife they’ll become the victims. I can imagine how shocked some people would be to find out this is so. It kind of fits the psychology of the psychopath that he tells his victims these pieces of truth, so he can then shift blame or rationalise or derive pleasure from the errors or hubris of the to-be victims.

    This sort of “balanced” but varied system would be nigh ideal if you were a sadistic group of humanoids controlling and observing it all, but were still bound by your own rationality to not take sadism too far. That’s the only real reason I think this speculation could have some merit.

    (I don’t think these hells and heavens would be anything more than a couple of years to half a century long. That would be about right in terms of balance, except that suffering is difficult to compensate, so hells would probably tend toward the shorter end of the scale and heavens the longer end. Anyway, eternal heavens and hells are unlikely to exist because if they were very longterm, then the probability of our already being in one would be very high indeed. But I don’t think we’re in one in this life. So the afterlife, if there is such, is probably of similar duration as the life here, if not much shorter. Then the human brains would either be allowed to die or somehow reused.)

    (Some of this is very new speculations, and I haven’t added it to my blog yet.)

  5. Thank you for your comment, & yes, I agree with Christ being symbolic of human sacrifices. I had someone tell me that the word holocaust means “burnt offering”. Perhaps the elites in each race or religious groups offer portions of their populations as sacrifices, which is why so many people don’t see what is going on, or at least, they say they don’t.

    However, before I address all of that, let me give you this link:

    This link is to part 4 of a 5 part video series. Someone sent it to me, & I found it interesting & validating.

    At one point, the narrator states:

    “They absolutely need you to feel responsible for what they have done to and through you. They need you to be ignorant of the extradimensional influence because if your ignorant of that, then you will blame everything on yourself.”

    Once a person recognizes that they never truly had freewill, nor did their parents, all the blame goes away.

    Perhaps they are not God, because if they were, then (by my definition) they would not need to do such a thing to human beings as what is being done to me & other TIs. Whatever this is may be advanced, but it cannot be what I would consider God. By definition, God is omnipotent & omnipresent, which means it should be able to recognize a way to make everything good for everyone, eliminating aggression, war, violence, sadness, etc. It should be able to find a way to transcend the duality of good vs. evil for everyone.

    Sometimes, I think that the figure of Christ is symbolic of what the system does to someone who is, at heart, decent. Some people have been so manipulated over the course of their lives that they may be doing some really messed up things, but when they wake up & try to change for the better, that’s when they really get attacked, not just manipulated. Christ is symbolic of their blood ritual sacrifice to what is masquerading as a god. Many are this from birth, & named accordingly. Others become this when they try to awaken. This is just another theory of course.

    I don’t know what to believe when I read the bible. The thing has been adjusted, changed, translated, etc.

    The words “graven images” have been taken out of all modern versions of the bible. Graven is a past participle of the word “grave”, meaning “fraught with danger or harm”. Perhaps there are meanings that we haven’t been given regarding the commandments. The passage that states “no other gods” states it right there. The idea of “no graven images” means something other than idolatry to me, since I have the tarot experience to contend with. It has shown me how the repetition of these patterns actually seem to affect the nature of reality. At least it certainly affected mine, based on my birthdate, as well as my mom’s.

    Whatever this is, it does its work to mind control on symbolic, subliminal, physical, and meta-physical levels, which means there is simply no freewill, which in turn means, it is not the victim’s fault, which is liberating in a sense.

    I mean, at least there’s that.

    I can see where my whole life has been orchestrated & manipulated, both physically & metaphysically, symbolically & literally, ever since my early childhood, therefore, I never truly had freewill, therefore, it is not my fault. Since I can see this symbolic manipulation, I can also see how it is not the fault of others who are so manipulated. SO I do agree with you there. Yet, when those others are doing things that are downright cruel against the person who sees how so much has been manipulated, it becomes very hard to let it go & not blame them.

    Also regarding the Christ symbolism: I find it interesting that the whole “New Age” movement was pushing people to embody the so-called “Christ-consciousness”… it’s as if they were encouraging people to become like Christ so they could then turn those people into sacrifices.

    Sometimes I wonder if hell is a way for them to keep their balance, allowing them to go to heaven. Just like the thought that the only way for them to reach new heights (discoveries, joys, experiences), is to bring us to new lows.

    Thanx for commenting. I appreciate the dialog with thoughtful people about this subject.

    • I don’t think people who commit to doing evil should be tolerated. I’m sure this entity can control people into becoming pure evil but that doesn’t mean such people should be allowed to roam free hurting others. It’s tragic and I wish it wasn’t so, but irredeemable is irredeemable.

      Other than that, all those borderline cases, who knows what should be done apart from the usual common sense stuff of staying away from them etc.

      I wasn’t really talking about forgiving anything. The concept itself doesn’t interest me. I was more interested in the relationship between perception and reality, what they *think* they’re doing and what the effects actually are, and how much of the effects are perception too rather than reality.

      Interesting point about the New Age Christ stuff. I met one old person in a mental hospital a year ago or so who was very new agey and he felt it was his quest in this life to find a wife who’d birth a new Jesus. I think this guy may have missed the torture and suffering part when reading about Jesus’s life. Seriously, who the heck wants their child to be “a new Jesus”?!

      I’m 100% certain he wasn’t a bad person, just mind controlled to be deluded. A clairvoyant had recently told him this sort of achievement was within his reach so he was now, as an old man, pursuing this certain young woman on the other side of the globe because that’s the girl the clairvoyant said would become his wife and birth the Jesus child. No history of psychosis or any other mental illness, and he got out basically as soon as he came in, yet….

      Crazy. But I can kind of see the comical goofiness of it all from the perspective of the “gods”.

      He’s an extremely good, unique painter, and this reminds me…. I read a Beethoven biography recently (The Universal Composer), and it became clearer to me than ever that even the seemingly best of us aren’t spared having to be toys of some sort. Beethoven’s life was very difficult, even to the point of chronic pains, paranoia, psychotic behaviour that caused problems with his patrons (violent inadequately motivated behaviour that seemed like mind control induced). It’s an OK little book that unwittingly shows, to me at any rate, that this thing has been going on for a long time. Even wonderful romantic love was dangled in front of him but repeatedly denied until he was writing the most pitiable love letters you can imagine. He was a lonely person as far as physical romantic relationships went, although opportunities seemed to be ever present. A kind of psychological torture to be sure. And of course the tragedy of being composer and becoming deaf, an ironic condition for the greatest composer in history. It’s such a remarkable irony it makes me think it was a deafness created by the control system (not sure how much it’s capable of accomplishing, but some paranormal literature suggests that causing a physical illness and curing one is within its reach).

      • The thing is, though, that it does seem that there are only a very few people on this planet who see the sorts of mind control there are going on in this world. There are so many different ways that people are being controlled in this world.

        I guess my point in this response is to say that I have not led the most pristine life. However, I have been unconscious for most of it. It wasn’t until I became conscious of how lives affect other lives, the existence of mind control on both physical & meta physical levels, that I could see how my own negative behaviors affected others.

        What if people are controlled to be largely unconscious of their impact on others?

        I am not necessarily saying that I forgive the creature that is willing to control human minds, but I am able to forgive my mother, knowing that she had no freewill to speak of.

        When you can see mind control in our very language, it becomes clear that there is an underlying current of negativity in the world that could be causing people to unconsciously behave in ways that cause problems for others. The plan of the entity who creates such control would be to then blame the controlled for their actions, which is why I posted that youtube link.

        How can the puppet be blamed for the actions of the puppet master? The ones holding/pulling the strings are directly responsible & accountable.

    • To add to the above, I don’t think there’s any need for the system to abuse or torment in order to produce great art through suffering individuals. I think the AI is perfectly able to produce as great art as art can be; I’ve certainly been subtly possessed to improvise very interesting music on the piano the kind of which I’d never be able to create on my own in this life.

      I even suspect many of the greatest works we know were actually created by the entity, who then possessed some people to create them here (without their realising it). Crumbs from the table of gods. Just enough to make you sad that nobody is creating more of it, that Mozart and such died so young, that most people are insensitive to genius, etc.

  6. […] not think for a minute that variations on these kinds of experiments aren’t done on human beings, in a variety of (less obvious) ways, including the use of both physical & meta-physical […]

  7. […] not think for a minute that variations on these kinds of experiments aren’t done on human beings, in a variety of (less obvious) ways, including the use of both physical & meta-physical […]

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