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This needs to be seen…

“Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia”



Comments on: "Link to Wired Report on Tech that Mimics Schizophrenia" (11)

  1. Thanks for commenting on my article. I thought I’d pay a visit to your site in return.

    To comment on that piece of news, I’d say it sounds like (unwitting) misdirection or propaganda of some sort: mind control tech is way beyond anything that could possibly be achieved in a million years with what the media talks about in public. Sophisticated mind control has nothing to do with electromagnetism, and never will. A system of total mind control has existed for centuries (at the least). Read my webpage, Proof, at my blog. I dislike this focus on current (known) tech, because it’s completely beside the point. (I just had a typo there, writing “bs”, then stopped to correct and wrote “beside” as I had intended. Funny, that.)

    • While I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to talk about technology (wish you picked a different article to review), here is some interesting proof (I think) about implants:

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Os-iN9J0Q (mine)

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG9RIE0ADWw (someone I recently met who has the same ones, in another country)

      • All I can say is that I see nothing in those videos, except two victims who are being deceived about the specifics of the technology that is being used against them. The ears of both of you look perfectly normal to me. While I could be hallucinating, I would have to say that implants, even if genuine physical objects, would most likely still be a deception, serving to confuse or mislead the victim community about the real technology being used. Adam Dobrin, who has studied neuroscience in some depth, says that if implants were actually being used for mind control, they’d be nano-tech and situated in the brain. Even that sounds, to me, somewhat far-fetched. I think his ideas about quantum mechanics are probably close to the truth, although I’m not an expert, so this is based on eliminating the least likely hypotheses.

        I also believe that the entity has mind controlled people into mistreating you without their realising (fully, if at all) what they were doing. Since I don’t believe there is a knowing human conspiracy involved here, and since the entity is probably motivated to keep most people thinking that psychiatry isn’t a scam, you might have a chance to get relief from SSRI’s (depression and PTSD) and antipsychotic medication (general harassment), as many people appear to do. There’s some evidence that antidepressants are effective in treating depression caused by stress, but are ineffective in other cases. Regardless of any genuine efficacy, you might experience a sort of placebo effect: the entity giving you a break due to your taking those meds. As I said, something like that might serve its purposes. Just a thought, and something you could try if it’s not too much of a financial burden. I believe there are very inexpensive antipsychotics these days that are pretty much the same as every other version, although the side effect profiles are somewhat different from drug to drug. I wouldn’t worry about longterm effects, since your life sounds so horrible right now. There should, similarly, be inexpensive SSRI’s around. Taken together, a monthly supply shouldn’t cost more than $70 ($50 for risperidone, for example, and $20 for Prozac). I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find cheaper antipsychotics, but that’s the best price I could find on risperidone by quickly googling for it. Since I’m not a doctor, I can’t recommend any particular treatment or medication, so this is just food for thought. I don’t know much about pain medications, but there might be some cheap and effective ones available. Again, I don’t believe that doctors are knowingly involved in any conspiracy against you, at least the vast majority of them are not, and you might be able to find one who could see you — for free — from time to time to renew your prescriptions if you explain your situation (you should probably say you’re hearing voices but not mention about your beliefs, to minimise the chance you will be forcibly hospitalised; of course you should mention your stress disorder and pain).

        I’m sorry, your case just seems very sad to me, and I can’t realistically think of much else that you could try. It’s also possible that the entity will stop tormenting you at some point, even to the point of actively making you feel better. It has certainly kept me feeling OK for the past several months, even though it kept me badly depressed for a year prior to that.

      • So you don’t see the lumps that show up when the ear is pulled back? That’s funny. Other people do.

        I think it is possible that different technologies might be used on different people. Dr. Delgado was doing research into brain stimulation in the 1950s & was able to make a cat lift its leg, & in the 1960s he did his famous bull experiment, where he was able to stop a bull (that had a stimoceiver brain implant) from charging with a remote control.

      • Also, I should tell you that, even though my symptoms manifested when I was almost 40 y/o, & even though I have had other people actually feel the implants, yet they did not have them, at one point, I thought I might be schizophrenic, so I did see a psych & I did try respiridone, among others, & my symptoms got worse.

      • It occurred to me you could try finding & contacting a psychic healer re your chronic pain. I’ve read reliable reports of unbelievable success stories, so I’d keep an open mind about that stuff and try to seek a bit of help that way. Rick Patterson is someone you could try:

        He should be able to do it by using your picture alone. There’s his email address at the end of the video description.

        There are certainly others you could try, but you don’t necessarily find them on the internet.

  2. clericcowan said:

    It is possible to experience everything and believe nothing. Though this technology exists beyond the description in this article, I believe that the mind is capable of withstanding brainwash/psyop techniques if it is trained. In the sick post-modern game of psy wars one needs to almost learn to enjoy a mind fuck then reverse the process onto the agent.

    • How would one reverse the process onto the agent when the first victim lacks the access to the technology?

      • clericcowan said:

        I just wrote a long thing and it got deleted by accident. Long story short – believe in yourself. I know that that won’t seem the greatest help with some wireless signal being beamed into your head, but it’ll at least keep a person immune to cult influence.

      • clericcowan said:

        Demonstration of inner source of happiness.

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