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Implant with circle to indicate location



This video shows my implants better than photos do. Searching for an honorable doctor or attorney to help me.

Here is a link showing when this technology first came out:


From this document:

“The first CI was implanted by William House and John Doyle of Los Angeles, California, in 1961. In 1964, Blair Simmons and Robert White of Stanford University, Stanford, California, placed a 6-channel electrode through the promontory and vestibule directly into the modiolus.”

I was born & adopted in the late 1960s through a catholic agency. In the last few years, I have seen a number of adoption scandals come out where babies were stolen from the natural parents, who were then told the newborn died, and that the doctor would “handle it”, so the mother wouldn’t have to deal with the emotional trauma of seeing her “dead child”…. the child was then sold… sometimes to parents, but sometimes, into experimental mind control programs. I am one such child.

I need real legal & medical help. I have been searching for years now, & have not been able to locate anyone close enough to me to help me find out the truth. I would like to have one of these two, RFID-sized implants removed, so I could hopefully find a serial number & track down the manufacturer.


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