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Judged In Absentia

After being reminded of a website by fellow WordPress author, lissakr11humanelife, I decided to take another look at it, since it talks about the technical possibilities of this nightmare called “stalking by proxy” or “the program”.

The author of this website (www.dataasylum.com) talks about how the so-called “targeted individual” has been judged by some unseen entity (or entities), which is why the target is in this sick “program”. What he doesn’t mention is the fact that through other forms of mind control, such as movies, music, television, and the manipulation of language, the targeted individual has been set up in the first place, since birth, in most cases. If you are a targeted individual, you might consider the possibility that you might have always been a nonconsensual human experimentee.

Being railroaded into making a false confession when I was 17 years old, by police officers who were not interested in finding out the truth but were only interested in closing the case quickly, should have clued me in on what kind of a system I am living in, a long time ago. I guess I just didn’t want to believe that, after what I was taught about this country regarding the whole “liberty and justice for all” concept. Sadly, the ideal of true justice has indeed become a simulacrum that I have only been able to find in a clothing line.

I must reiterate the fact that many people, including myself, after looking back over their lives, see how they seem to have been set up in the first place, and that their lives seem to have been orchestrated. In retrospect, I now see how my actions have been merely reactions to a negative set of circumstances, involving trauma, neglect, verbal abuse, physical abuse, within my family as well as from outsiders, such as teachers, doctors, and police officers. In my case, I was living with very little freewill, as I suspect are many people who have grown up under similar circumstances.

On the website referred to above, the author states that the targeted individual is “judged in absentia”, meaning that the target has no way of defending against this nasty procedure, since every negative action in their life is most likely taken out of context, by unseen accusers. Given the fact that mind control has been around much longer than anyone seems to realize (for millennia since Pharonic Egyptians were doing it for cryin’ out loud!), it becomes difficult to avoid the possibility that people who are judged as guilty by this weird program, were most likely pushed via mind control into being the person they find themselves currently judged for being.

Most of you who read my work, know that I am a victim of implantation without consent.  You may also know about the various forms of mind control programming without the use of implants, as mentioned above. So I find myself asking this question over and over again: How can anyone blame a puppet for what some unseen puppet master is responsible for?

Okay, so let me state, for the record, that I am not committing any crimes, although I used to be a drug addict. Well, it’s no wonder when you consider the circumstances I grew up in! I was separated from my natural mother at birth and kept in a hospital with no real bonding between me and my adoptive parents for the first 6 weeks of life, had a near drowning at the age of 3, was verbally abused throughout my childhood (unless I was left alone with the TV as my main babysitter), allowed to see movies such as The Omen and The Exorcist at age 7, allowed to play in the woods alone at 6 & 7 years old, had another near drowning at the age of 12, spent half my childhood in a house of mirrors (even the wallpaper, coffee table, switch plates & outlet covers were all mirrored!), made to sell hotdogs at construction sites in a bikini when I was 14, raped at 16 by a 21 year old man, forced into a false confession at 17, and there’s more, but I don’t want to go into it right now. Suffice it to say I had no foundational values instilled in me by my family, and I pretty much espoused my boyfriends’ beliefs, since I had no father figure. It is a miracle that I ended up a nonviolent person. Heck, it is a miracle that I didn’t wind up being a serial killer! Beyond that, it is a miracle that I am no longer a drug addict, considering the fact that I have been in horrible pain for the past 4.5 years.

Yet, I find myself being judged by some unknown force, who is either not considering the above mentioned facts (and much more) of my life, or who already knows it might have been orchestrated in the first place. Either way, I feel like a scapegoat (ironic, considering the placement of my implants).

I know that my whole life has been like a reaction to my circumstances of abuse, neglect, mind control, etc. That means I never truly had freewill. So what does that bode for all of us? Well, one thing is for sure – it means those of us who have been under mind control, to believe some sort of false reality, cannot be held liable for our reactions to that false reality, in my opinion, anyway.

Peace All.

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Comments on: "Judged In Absentia" (8)

  1. Lissakrhumanelife said:

    I agree, and known several who have been targeted since as early as two-years of age. I was targeted as I buried my late-husband, in a state less than 45 minutes from where these programs began, D.C. and to the other direction, same home state is Aberdeen, Elkridge, Ft. Meade and all the others involved, including John Hopkins Hospital involved heavily with the CIA Mk Ultra program several years prior to my birth, and again in 1976 or so and 1998 maybe.

    • Pretty sure I was sold into this program through adoption, as if they think because I was adopted, it means I was born out of wedlock, which would mean I am a bastard, & according to Deuterotomy, God dont love me, so it is okay to torture me. While I only became aware in 2008,the same year I found the implants in my ears, when I look back on my life, it does seem as if everything is programmed for people to hate & mistreat me, as well as others with CH or AN in their name or double digits in their birthdates. It’s like it is some kind of code, allowing then to torture certain people. I know this seems strange, but I think they have been gearing up for this evil crap for a very long time… longer than any of us (TIs) realize.

      • Lissakrhumanelife said:

        You are not the first I’ve spoken with off and online whom has implants around the ears ‘and’ was adopted or left behind in an orphanage, some are females and another was put into this at the age of 2 by her navy decd father.

        I too was left behind on a door step; I’m in a DOD database and at 5 a relative took cash several weird Sundays at Hopkins in a quiet room to the back. I remember it distinctly.

        I felt as if this targeting had to do with they thinking we have no reason to exist on this earth.

        Am I making sense here?

      • Lissakrhumanelife said:

        This is Nazi-filled elements brought back during the Nerumbuerg Trails, covered-up as a way to make big black budget money off shore (Brazil, south america, paraguary) why not let us go–they’re soft killing everyone though many are unware, I can tell they know something is wrong when I’m out, depressed, forelorn, or sudden burst of anger, and they’ve got all of us addicted to cellphones/laptops/computers/… watch the video on the front of this block alfred webre… abt an hour long. I find sites a lot of older average citziens highly away of Agenda 21 and food GMO, water shortages etc who seem to know about these deadly frequencies/microwaves… they know others are under chemtrail toxic sleep or ‘us’ and are fed up with the draconian lawless laws…

        I know they are illegal… but we have contacted everyone. no one will help no one.

  2. Lissakrhumanelife said:

    Add’l Note: I’ve been set-up as well, twice now to make it seem ‘okay’ to do this to me. Please, do not think anything you could do would merit this. This is Human Rights abuse to the core.

  3. your story lines up with mine in so many many ways. my husband often in fits of rage over things he dreamed about me, and ideation i am pretty sure was ‘piped in’ to his mind somehow. telling him what i think about it would get me locked up again. i just wanted to say that it is exactly your intelligence and nonviolence that put you on this particular track of torture. famous psych experiment about people willing to administer shocks to others from another room?? sure we have all been put through some sort of sorting process like this. those of us that flunk, are used for other shit i guess. still figuring it out. just think, if you had been a sociopath, you’d be one of the perps, so there’s that. good thing we have good ideas yet to be farmed, so they keep us around, eh? plus, some of the 70s models are accidentally way more psychic than they meant to cook us. never quite able to get us all the way under their thumb. always throwing curve balls. i just joined the ranks of convicted felons last year. kangaroo court. rigged everything. too bizarre to explain. i wouldn’t steal somebody’s pen. is life. is life. just when i think it can’t get any weirder…

    • That famous experiment was the Stanley Milgrams experiment. Peter Gabriel did a song about it called, appropriately, “We Do What We’re Told”. The people who thought they were administering shocks were willing to bring a person to heart attack if they didn’t respond correctly to the questions (I think that’s how it went). I know that the ones who were administering shocks thought that the recipients of these shocks were the ones being experimented on, when in reality, it was them. Makes me wonder about our situation. Perhaps those doing this to us are the ones being tested???

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