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State Brains (Naeslund)

This is an excellent article showing just how long scientists have been experimenting with implants. It’s ben going on much longer than I previously thought! Being born in the late 1960s, it wasn’t until 2008 when I discovered my own impants (photos at the document, “IMPLANTS: Any Questions?”)

Targeted Individuals Europe

On September 19th, 1970, the New York Times had an editorial about the future threat of our technological civilisation. It was published under the heading Brainwave and predicted that we very soon had to update the word brainwash and replace it with brainwave. It said that if George Orwell had been writing a sequel to 1984 at that time, he would probably been rejected as archaic, the simple methods of controlling people’s minds described in his famous utopian classic title. They wrote that he today might envisaged a society in which a newborn baby’s first experience would be neurosurgery, an operation in which the child’s brain was fitted with miniaturized radio devices connected to every major center controlling reason and emotion. The New York Times explanatory model may seem too remote or brutal to digest for many, but during the whole period of cybernetics; medical, social and behavioral research with…

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