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IMPLANTS: Any Questions?


Are they RFIDs? Are they “alien implants”? Are they horns? Am I the devil? Can anyone imagine what this would do to a human being? Am I a human guinea pig or an alien abductee, or both? If anyone reading this can help me remove one or both, before I die… this is a desperate cry for help, and not because I am imagining things. I surely cannot be the devil, since when I was a little girl, I loved and wanted to serve God.

If you doubt the possibility of these being implants, please consider that I was born (& placed for adoption) 15 years after Dr. Jose Delgado began his research into brain stimulation, where he was able to make a cat lift its legs, and eventually, stop a bull from charging with a remote control (see “Brain Chips”, on the internet, in .pdf form).

The proof is in the photos, and if you met me, I could place your finger to the point where these things are, and you would see that there is something not natural there. I can put my finger into the ear, on the other side of the “bumps” displayed in the photos, and I can feel the nub on the other side, so they go through the cartilage. They are not keloid scars, nor are they “cutaneous horns”. I just want them removed, but have so far been unable to find a willing doctor to do it? If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

cochlearimplant_withmicrophoneConsider this image… It shows a microphone attached to the outside of the person’s skull. Would it be that difficult to modify that to connect to a receiver instead of a microphone (or in addition to it), & put that RFID-sized receiver under the skin?

From the JAMA document (link below):

“The first CI was implanted by William House and John Doyle of Los Angeles, California, in 1961. In 1964, Blair Simmons and Robert White of Stanford University, Stanford, California, placed a 6-channel electrode through the promontory and vestibule directly into the modiolus.”

Thank you for reading!




Here is a link showing when this technology first came out:


“Hearing Voices? Audio Implants”:





Comments on: "IMPLANTS: Any Questions?" (7)

  1. Bell Labs was in its heyday during your childhood, and I know for a fact they were using people for many of their experiments, which explains its sudden disappearance. The laboratories there were one of the most successful research facilities in America at the time, and I would not doubt that is where this came from. Springmeier lists this as one of the “hot spots” in his last book on Monarchs, under “programmers and places”:


    Theta programming usually occurs in conjunction with Epsilon programming, so your binding with “cat” may not be entirely meant to debase you. The occult interpretation of Monarch programming requires this. Please read this:


    If you weren’t a threat, they wouldn’t be coming after you.

    • Hey… I took a look at http://www.whale.to/b/theta8.html and saw myself in teenage years, doing the whole self-destructive thing… which becomes a “lifestyle” after a time… Now, *they* use it as just one of many of their unreasonable reasons to “off” me, even though I have tried so hard to change… it is as if they have been fighting me every step of the way, to keep me down, unwell, depressed, apathetic, etc, etc…

  2. I know it’s not for the squeamish, but have you ever considered taking a bottle of vodka, a mirror, and a scalpel and tweezers to it? Those things look very superficial, and a doctor isn’t going to do much more than that anyway.

    It’s not pretty, but at least you’ll know for sure.

    • Well, I tried to remove one myself, only had a razor blade. There was too much blood, hard to see, and when I tried to grab it with tweasers, it wouldnt come out. They go all the way thru the cartilage. If I stick my finger in my ear, on the other side of the cartilage, I can feel the nub of the other end of the implant.

      • At the risk of sounding condescending, I have to ask – have you tried sewing needles? Apply pressure until there is a protrusion and dig. I once removed a very deep infection (below the fat layer) like this while alternating hot and cold using my shower and ice cubes. It took me all day and there was blood everywhere, but it worked.

        Nothing survives time and pressure, and if you keep going at it, you CAN dig them out. Having it that close to the hairline should really help you hide the damage while it heals, too. Just wear your hair down for a while!

        If that doesn’t work, I would suggest going to a dermatologist outside of town. Look it up on paper in the yellow pages (definitely not at your house while online!), don’t make an appointment, and tell him it’s a cyst you’d like removed ASAP. Even if he/she backs out last minute, at least you’ll have the “groundwork” started to finish the job at home yourself.

      • I have tried needles, with tweezers… have dug at the implant. It seems to be surrounded by something I am unable to cut through. I agree on the dermatologist outside of town thing… except that I was mobbed out of my job, have no insurance & no cash. 😦

  3. Wow, you could extract those yourself. Your future problem will be finding someone to take them of the surface of your brain…

    A good example of where ‘Agenda21′ is leading society is in the interview of Magnus Olsson by Daniel Estulin. link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9bd-B2dqCM
    Magnus was covertly brain chipped by Swedish medical mafia seemingly for little reason other than expanding the database. I am an example of being brain-chipped for the reason of political dissent against the fascistic take-over of Canadian politics. The first covert implant was for thought monitoring purposes and for devising a plan to disable my dissenting voice. The second covert brain implant’s purpose was even more high tech and seamlessly takes over conscious awareness with remote robotic remote control at the same time. Probably, more a solder’s chip. If you are within the microwave tower communication matrix (God, I hope satellites never have the capacity to contact the brain-chip) and have consumed the reactive compound that allows nano energy weapon interaction upon human flesh… there is no stopping the unethical, brainchip possession anyone’s body.
    The brain and body has no way to firewall against cyber attacks other than nanochip software or some kind of built-in hardware within the chip, but the totalitarians would not design anything like this for slaves…….

    James Sidaway

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