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As children, we grow up in a world full of lies, & are then told not to lie. We are chastised for perceiving this as a problem, which is a double-bind. We are living in a world of conflict & contradiction, & those of us who are negatively affected by it are treated like defects in the greater society. This applies to the tradition & myth of Santa Claus.

On the surface, it simply looks like a happy family tradition, but on a deeper level, the meta-level, it has untold affects on the psyche, and therefore, the spirit, because it involves lying to your children, those little people who have to trust you simply because you are their parents. And… don’t forget that one of the biggest parts of the so-called “new world order” is to break up the family. The myths parents are pressured into telling their children is but one part of this goal.

I am angered by the fact that I am unable to be truthful with my daughter because her father, and various members of his family, have told me to not “ruin the magic”. So then, apparently, I must acquiesce to the lie, in order to not be viewed as crazy. In a crazy world the sane would appear to be insane. So here I am, wanting to be truthful with my kid, but I am forced to lie. It is a difficult thing for me to deal with.

Not only are children told that Santa Claus is really some guy who sneaks into your house to deliver gifts to good little boys & girls, but they are also told that the date is the birthdate of Jesus Christ, which is another lie.

At the risk of sounding completely bonkers, I have to wonder who really invented Christmas, anyway? Seems like maybe a bunch of Satanists did, to glean all the positive energy from this massive ritual. Look at the character of Santa, who wears mostly red, black, and a little white. By participating in this ritual, much energy is generated. We spend time and energy shopping, putting up and decorating a tree, decorating the house, sending greeting cards, preparing big meals for family members. Granted, this energy is loving and kind, and in the spirit of giving, which I think is fine. However, it isn’t fine, if all of that good energy goes to the prime adversary, who tempts (and sometimes it is way more than tempting if you are a mind control victim) people into behaving in ways not desired by the hive-mind, and then blames them for any behavior that is considered negative by others. This becomes a double-bind, which is the hallmark of mind control, & is cited as a cause of schizophrenia.

So what is the purpose of the Santa Claus myth, anyway? Is it for the child to have a “magical” experience? Is the whole “naughty or nice” thing supposed to make the child want to behave all year? Does it work? Just what is Christmas supposed to be about, anyway? Consider the name for this most celebrated holiday in America: Christmas. It would indicate Christ’s Mass, I thought, but it really has nothing to do with Christ. Many people know that Christmas is a pagan holiday, and the date is certainly not Jesus’ birthday. I think the date was used syncretically to combine systems of belief with one another. So instead of a diversity of cultures, apparently someone wants everyone to follow the same rites and rituals that everyone else doing, without question. Just who is/was that someone?

Heck, I remember, as a kid, feeling bad for those poor children who didn’t celebrate Christmas. Like Jehova’s witnesses, for example. They know it is a pagan holiday, and while they don’t seem to hold it against others that they do celebrate the date, it still goes against their doctrine to observe that date as Jesus’ birthday. Do their children feel cheated? I hope not. To neatly tie the spirit of giving into one day a year seems preposterous to me, and a way to bilk people out of lots of cash on toys that will be out of style in one month, these days, while the parents only get partial credit from the kids.

I guess the only way to handle it would be to tell them the truth. Does telling the truth to your children about the holiday’s true meaning make you a “scrooge”? In today’s world, where people’s rights are being removed on almost a daily basis (see the patriot act), where more and more things we used to take for granted turn out to be false, where many doctors are now ignoring the Hippocratic oath, it seems like we are living in a world full of lies. I would like to not be forced to lie to my daughter. When kids find out the real truth about Santa Claus, do they end up resenting their parents for lying to them? If not, I bet they probably develop a subconscious mistrust of them. I wanted to tell my daughter the truth about life because, I feel, it would better prepare her for the future, which is, let’s face it, a dog eat dog world.

To me, Christmas has become a kind of ritual, that everyone is forced to participate in or be shunned, or at least judged, by family members and community for not participating. When one considers the name “Santa”, and how it is just two letters reversed from being “satan”, this becomes easier to see. So, in this frenziest holiday of all the holidays, we have the “adversary” in the role of judging whether children have been good or bad (out of context with his circumstances of course); the tempter deciding whether a child gets a gift or a “lump of coal”. What does this mean? What does it mean to the child who was brought up on TV as a babysitter, who was exposed at a very young age to all the subliminal messaging in, say, the Disney movies? You know, all that sexual innuendo and storylines that put the daughter against the mother figure? Or how about all those who were traumatized at an early age who ended up being less than perfect? What of those children who were put into that flicker-rate hypnotic trance & then made vulnerable to post-hypnotic suggestion?

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love the season of Christmas. I enjoyed buying gifts for my family and friends. I always wanted to choose something special, that I would think they’d really want. However, once my daughter was born, I simply did not want to lie about some giant elf that judged little children, giving gifts to some and coal to others, without considering the child’s background or circumstances. And the holiday clearly isn’t about the birth of Jesus Christ, even though you will often see decorations in the form of mangers showing Jesus, Mary, and Joseph around this time of year. It’s just another trap, invented by the powers that be to glean money and energy from all those members of the classes they consider beneath them.

So what am I to do?

The bible clearly says that God loves the truth. So what if a person is forced to lie? What if a person is mind controlled to behave in negative ways? I wonder how God feels about that. I wonder if God knows how hard it is to honor thy mother and father when they left their child alone to raise themselves, with TV as a primary babysitter. I wonder if God sees this giant pagan ritual called Christmas, which pretty much gives worship and love to this Santa, a name that is an anagram for the word “satan”, and is angry about it.

Apparently, I am being forced, by my daughter’s family, to lie about this stuff, as well as the other pagan holidays. Because they already think I’m strange, and telling her the truth might get me kicked out of my daughter’s life for good. So, alas, I am stuck perpetuating a lie against my true will. I am not allowed to raise my child as I see fit. It is very sad.

The double-bind is common in mind control programming. From Dictionary.com: “Psychology- it is a situation in which a person is given conflicting cues, especially by a parent, such that to obey one cue is to disobey the other.” From www.laingsociety.org: “A second variation of the double bind involves a situation in which a person is chastised for a correct perception of the outside world. In this situation the child will learn to distrust his own sensory awareness in favor of the parent’s assessment of the situation. One example would be the child who is raised in a violent household but is expected to see his parents as loving and peaceful. In later life this person will have a difficult time determining how to behave appropriately in a variety of situations. Indeed, this person will spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to decipher exactly how he “should” interpret the situation.”

So we grow up being chastised for lying, but have been lied to. Then, as adults, we are expected to lie about this Saint Nick guy to our children. It is a double-bind. With all of the holidays that people are subconsciously forced to participate in, and all the lying parents are made to do to their children, is it any wonder that we have so much confusion in the world?


About the “double bind”:



For more information on my case as a mind control victim, please see the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KArHBafaVPU


Comments on: "Christmas, Mind Control, and the Myth of Santa Claus" (5)

  1. good connection to the ‘double bind.’

  2. You have just described “Catch 22 and Classical Conditioning”.
    You have also described the mechanics of Forced Schizophrenia that makes people believe a lie and the truth at the same time while distorting their view of reality.
    And you are right – no wonder people are so screwed up!

  3. whoah this blog is wonderful i like reading your posts. Stay up the great work!
    You know, a lot of persons are looking round for this info, you could aid them greatly.

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