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This is an occult symbol which illustrates the subject matter of this article.

This is an occult symbol which illustrates the subject matter of this article.

After everything I have been through in relation to being mind controlled & implanted without my consent, everything I have read about the subject of mind control & ritual abuse, and everything I have read in relation to the so-called “Law of Attraction“, it occurs to me that those in power who are using mind control against others are doing it with a specific purpose in mind: to get those who are what they call “expendable” (the victims) to create negative karma and to attract negative things to themselves, so they (the perpetrators) can attract more positive things to themselves, their reasoning being that they need to keep a balance in nature. The only way those in power can have more, in their minds, is to take it away from someone else. It is in this way, that they believe they are in balance, and therefore justify their most heinous actions against those against whom they wage war, as well as all those who now find themselves in the unfortunate position of being nonconsensual human experimentees, or TIs (Targeted Individuals).

It is my contention that this is their way of cheating the “game of life“. By forcing someone who was originally a very positive and loving child into being a negative teen & adult, they are circumventing the freewill of an individual. They use the occult to do this, using astrological and tarot 12th Trump from the Thoth Tarot Deckarchetypes, which filter into the collective consciousness in the form of memes, but by putting implants in the victim’s head, they are better able to control what they have already put in place using the “The Butterfly Effect” and “Law of Attraction” in combination with the tarot, and in my case, it was the 12th trump of the Thoth tarot, authored by Aleister Crowley (a known satanist), and illustrated by Frieda Harris. As I have written about in other articles, my birthdate being 12/12 unwittingly tied me to the occult magic of the tarot, causing me to live an “upside-down life”, as seen in the Hanged Man card from that deck, in which a person is unconscious, upside-down, 3 limbs nailed down, the other foot tied to an upside-down ankh (which is the Egyptian heiroglyph for life, by the way), and a serpent attached to the head of the victim with what appear to be rays. The first manifestation of which came in the form of me being forced to write right-handed, when I was naturally left-inclined, which I have written about in my article called, “The Case for Left-handedness”.

I often hear people say “what goes around comes around“. If some one or some group had a specific intent of making someone negative against their nature (via this 12th trump card showing a reversed individual), then those who caused it must, in the end, reap the results of the negativity they forced on an unwitting individual, who had no choices, and no knowledge of the curse until much later in life, coincedentally, in the years leading up to 2012.

In simpler terms: Any negative karma caused by a curse and/or mind control programming on an individual should never be reaped by the victim of said programming. It would be akin to blaming a puppet for what the puppet master does.

Also, I feel that the only way to restore true freewill to our population is to remove the archetypes, both tarot and astrological. They are truly “graven images“, in two ways: 1)They are images that have become engraven in the collective unconsciousthrough archetypal transference; & 2) They are images “frought with danger or harm” (that quote is from an online dictionary, defining the word “grave”, which is why I believe the actual phrase “Graven Images” has been removed from the 2nd Commandment in more recent versions of the Bible.

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Comments on: "Law of Attraction and Mind Control" (4)

  1. Anonymous said:

    A curious aspect of the dying-god myth is that of the Hanged Man. The most important example of this
    peculiar conception is found in the Odinic rituals where Odin hangs himself for nine nights from the
    branches of the World Tree and upon the same occasion also pierces his own side with the sacred spear.
    As the result of this great sacrifice, Odin, while suspended over the depths of Nifl-heim, discovered by
    meditation the runes or alphabets by which later the records of his people were preserved. Because of
    this remarkable experience, Odin is sometimes shown seated on a gallows tree and he became the patron
    deity of all who died by the noose. Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended
    from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during
    which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is
    rewarded by the achievement of self-realization.

    • Well… I sure hope you’re correct in that last sentence! I know about the various myths, but I often wonder if they were created so that no one will examine the reality of what happens to someone affected by his form of archetypal transference.

      That being said… I still hope you’re correct about that last sentence.


  2. Anonymous said:

    From a consideration of all these ancient and secret rituals it becomes evident that the mystery of the
    dying god was universal among the illumined and venerated colleges of the sacred teaching. This
    mystery has been perpetuated in Christianity in the crucifixion and death of the God-man-Jesus the
    Christ. The secret import of this world tragedy and the Universal Martyr must be rediscovered if
    Christianity is to reach the heights attained by the pagans in the days of their philosophic supremacy.
    The myth of the dying god is the key to both universal and individual redemption and regeneration, and
    those who do not comprehend the true nature of this supreme allegory are not privileged to consider
    themselves either wise or truly religious.

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