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Good versus Evil:

Good versus Evil:

The only way to bring good back into this world is to abolish the archetypes. By tying someone’s birthdate to the zodiacal signs and tarot correspondences, freewill has been virtually removed. So we end up with scorpios being kind of mean, virgos being “know-it-all’s” (as I heard one virgo tell me), and leos being hogs for attention. The fact that most people in our societies believe in astrology, means that these archetypes have been inserted into the collective consciousness, in the form of memes, unbeknownst to the individual. This removes a measure of freewill. The fact that the tarot has become so popular in recent decades, has also infected the collective consciousness with certain archetypes, which then also removes a certain amount of freewill. Remove the archetypes and freewill may be restored. I see the archetypes as “graven images” that have infected the collective consciousness.




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