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I am so concerned that I may not be around much longer, that I want to carve the words “implants-check ears” on my body somewhere… somewhat like the guy from Davinci Code. Unlike that man, however, I  want there to be no cryptic BS involved. I want it obvious, so that in case I die, or they dope me up, there will be no doubt of the meaning. I am open to people’s advice regarding this. I realize it may make me look insane, however, I just don’t know how else to make sure those who find my body will know what was done to me during the time that Catholic Charities had me in their custody, before I was adopted.

In case you are coming upon my documents for the first time, I will tell you that I am the victim of what is being called “no-touch torture”, or “soft-kill”. They use a combination of gang-stalking and electronic harassment, with some other technologies that I have no idea of. I can say this: I wake up in the middle of the night feeling interior parts of my body vibrating, as if I am being vibrated apart at my heart and root chakras.

I know it seems nuts, but I have photo proof of my implants at various documents around the net. These implants are used to make me and others believe that I am a demon or the devil himself. I assure you that this is not true. I am the one who wanted us all to be free of hell. Well, rather than making you go to another document for the photos – here is one: Implant with circle to indicate location

Whether they kill me, or they lock me up, I feel that I want someone to know what was done to me before it’s too late, so that when they autopsy is done, they check my ears for the implants… or that so if they frame me for something, & then dope me up in court, it is scarred on me. Anyway, I just wanted to say that before I disappear.

Please see my other posts for more info. I have more photos of my implants at various documents throughout the net.

Please look up “musicis2words”,or “metacrime”.

Mu=12th letter of the Greek alphabet.

Sic=”as intentionally as so written”.

Again, I welcome all input on this idea.


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